The Best $150 I’ve Ever Spent? The Z-Rack

The Best $150 I’ve Ever Spent? The Z-Rack

z rack hanger

A few months back (one of those times I didn’t post for a while) I moved from the suburbs to city.  Partially as a result my clothing storage space became less than what it had previously been.  Which for someone who is as clothing obsessed as me this posed a significant problem.  I wrestled with the problem for a few weeks, unable to find something that was sturdy enough yet with enough capacity.  Which was about 10′ of hung clothing.  I also had a variety of bags and other items that I needed to find a home for.

I looked through the pages of Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as a few other stores; but nothing fit the bill and came in at a reasonable price.  I also debated constructing something myself.  And then I remembered a particular type of rack that I saw being used at one of Gilt Groupe’s warehouses (I used to audit them and did an inventory count at one of the warehouses).  After some cursory Googling I discovered that the racks are called Z Racks, or some formation of that.  Not to be confused with Z Packs, those things the doctor gives you when you get sick.  Either way, both Z Racks and Z Packs are amazing.

z rack garment storage

The Z Rack has only one drawback.  It is not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing thing.  It was meant for the warehouse and showroom, not the bedroom.  Which is something that will alienate many customers.  But for those of us who desire function over form, look no further.  I was able to fit two levels of hanging storage on the rack (I got the extendable version and fully extended the height).  Worry not about the strength and durability of these things, I did pull ups on mine once it was assembled; the Z Racks are rock solid, far more stable than anything I have seen at Ikea and Bed Bath & Beyond.  I also purchased the top rack, which is an additional item (around $75), the extra 10sft of space that the rack provides is invaluable).  I should note that the rack did come with wheels, I removed mine to make the rack shorter.  The rack itself was around $75 as well, there are numerous suppliers.  I picked mine up in Philadelphia at a place called Gershel Brothers (go hungry, there is a good BBQ place, Sweet Lucy’s, next door).

Yes, I get it, this thing is ugly and not something that most of us would want in our bedroom.  But for those of us crunched for space (I am looking at those of you in NYC in particular) or those who have somewhere they can hide the rack, you will be hard pressed to find a better option.  It is certainly some of the best $150 I have ever spent.



Note: FYGblog received no compensation in any form from any party during the production of this post.  I just love the product at hand (z rack).


    • I checked that Amazon article, but don’t understand why the supplier ecusystems direct advertise a rack which doesn’t show two levels, also not on its own website?

  1. That’s really a very helpful article about a very essential piece of furniture which I have needed for a long time! I checked the manufacturer’s website, but could not identify your particular model among those shown? There’s a table of contents contrasting the Z-Racks made in USA with those mostly made in China. So for me who wants to support fair working conditions and jobs in countries where Internet is not suppressed, purchase of this Z-Rack is recommended.

  2. If you keep your clothes on this open hanger system, what about moths? Aren’t moths attracted to the wool?

    • MHP,
      It is a concern but a few things give me solace. First, the room I am in doesn’t have a problem with moths historically. Second, I keep an army of cedar blocks around.

  3. I love the looks of the hangers you have your pants on – I can never find any like that. What kind are those if you don’t mind?

  4. I purchased a zrack from I purchased it in black which blends great in my closet. It’s extremely sturdy and it’s Made in the USA!