FYGblog Via Business Insider

FYGblog Via Business Insider


We all know about the affinity for made to measure suits here at FYGblog.  So I felt it prudent to write the first of what will hopefully be many pieces for Business Insider on made to measure suits.  Give it a read here.  Thank you to Business Insider for having me write!





  1. I have read all your MTM suit reviews, I didn’t see any ranking of the companies. I have visited MySuit and Black Lapel, which would you recommend to someone about to get their first MTM suit?


    • Keith,
      The answer is there is no best MTM suit company in the BL/MS price range. It is a matter of finding which company works best for you. The factors could be varied – fit, fabric selection, shoulder style, business model, etc. But I will offer this in hopes that it will help you. Between Black Lapel and MySuit the primary difference you need to concern yourself with is the shoulder style. When I last checked, MySuit was still working with a more structured shoulder, sometimes even roped. In my view this is a slightly more formal shoulder, great for a man who wants to accentuate his shoulders or wants a more ‘powerful’ look. But I personally do not like it for anything I would not be wearing for business, so I would not get it for a blazer as example. But I do have a navy pinstripe from them and it works there. Black Lapel has a more relaxed shoulder, more Italian, some would say. Generally speaking, I prefer that type of shoulder. I have decently muscular shoulders so I do not need extra padding or structure to add to them. You can make your pants and jackets as tight or loose as you want at either shop and I am happy with the fit of the suits I have from both places. The fabric selection is bigger at MySuit however, which could be a major point. From what I remember at MySuit they have more flexibility in terms of changing buttoning points, lapel width and the like. But in the end, I think the biggest thing you need to think about is the shoulder style. Sorry to not give you a definitive answer, but it is really up to you to figure out how you want the suit to look. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions.