Happenings To Take Note Of…

Happenings To Take Note Of…


black lapel double breasted suit

Again things are seeming to come in 3’s this weekend.  As I noted last week, Indochino did in fact release their spring collection.  There are cotton/wool and linen/wool blends which should wear much better in the spring and summer than only wool.  And if you are in Boston Indochino’s traveling tailor is there for another few weeks.

Black Lapel added the double breasted option (2 different button stances even!) to their suits.  Which was a long time coming and from the photos they look quite good (see above).

Lastly, Nick Yoder over at Great Lakes Prep has started a fundraising campaign for his start-up Flyover Press.  Flyover will produce letterpress posters in themes of the mid-west (like in the photo below).  So if you are a mid-westerner this may be your thing.  If I was I would rep these in my dojo.


flyover press