Hurricane Day Activities

Hurricane Day Activities


hurricane sandy

So now that the entire East Coast has the first half of the week off work (let’s be honest, we’re not going to work tomorrow) and we are ensconced in our respective domiciles what are we to do…  I for one just had my last supper at J.G. Melon and took home a few bowls of their legendary chili which will ensure my survival if all hell does in fact break loose.  And there’s only so long I can wait for the crane to fall till I get bored.  So, what’s next…

Catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs like The Suits Of James Bond, A Suitable Wardrobe, Gentleman’s Gazette, Put This On, The Shoe Snob and Die Workwear.  Oh, and of course some casual retail therapy.  Perhaps some MTO shoes from Meermin and ties from The Tie Bar, which I have been wanting to try for months now.  $15 for a tie is quite an interesting prospect.  A review is certainly to come.  But now it’s time begin my Bond marathon, I think On Her Majesty’s Secret Service will kick things off…

Stay Safe,

Justin L Jeffers