Hurricane Sandy Street Style

Hurricane Sandy Street Style


My Friends,

Not sure if you’ve heard but 39th street is the new Mason Dixon line.  Power south of 39th and east of 7th ave is out, and from my talks with some guys at ConEd it will likely be 2-3 days until it is restored.  Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers without power for days?  Unthinkable.  This is much worse than Irene.  Earlier today I ventured into the no power zone and it was unlike anything I have ever seen, it reminded me of Gotham in Dark Knight Rises.  There was not a single working traffic light.  There was not a single working shop light.  I stumbled across a few bodegas that were open, lit only by natural and candle light; lines more than a dozen people long. It was the only time I have seen New Yorkers not complain about waiting in a line.  You know something is different when that is the case.  The aura around downtown was almost surreal, but not in a good way.  In a directionless, naive and concerned way.  For no one I talked to on my travels who lived in the black out zone knew what was going on.  They didn’t have power and they didn’t have cell phone service.  People were waiting in lines to use payphones, I didn’t even know people knew how to use those anymore.  I thought only homeless people used them, but I guess in a way everyone was a bit homeless down there.

The streets and sidewalks were the quietest I have ever seen them.  Yes, there were a lot of people walking around, but they were quiet and reserved; cautious.  Cars were few and far between.  Thousands of New Yorkers have been displaced, whether their homes are ruined from water or they are without power.  When I was heading back uptown there were 50 people walking north for every one walking south.  Many had duffel bags and suitcases with them.  It reminded me of the photos we see of refugees fleeing Syria.

But sadly, New York did not have it the worst.  It seems New Jersey did, regards out to all those adversely affected there and everywhere.  Luckily, Chris Christie is a boss so I have faith things will get handled properly in the Garden State.

I could go on, but I’m sure you have seen it all in the news.  Here in the city it is as bad as they say, I can’t say what it will be like over the next few days but I do know it will be interesting.  But alas, New Yorkers still came out in style.  Boots, wellies, rain jackets, lots of leggings, a little bit of camo and dogs; lots of them…  Thus, I present, hurricane Sandy street style.

Enjoy Liberally,

Justin L Jeffers


PS – I have noticed a number of my photos have appeared on Tumblr, if you are going to use my photos, I am okay with that.  I just ask that you provide proper link backs to FYGblog and if you want, go a step further and let me know, as I wouldn’t mind seeing where my photos end up.

hurricane sandy crane
57th & 7th.
hurricane sandy street style JLJ
My hurricane uniform. Bean boots, Vineyard Vines bathing suit and aggressive utility/EMT jacket.  60th & 1st.
hurricane sandy street style chassid
A chassid in full rain garb.  11th & 1st.
hurricane sandy street style plaid pants
11th & 1st.
hurrican sandy rain
It randomly poured rain for 5 minutes in the late morning.  10th & 1st.
bodega without power
Inside a bodega.  10th & 1st.
hurricane sandy street style ll bean boots and bike
8th & 1st (I think).
hurricane sandy street fashion
2nd & 1st.
hurricane sandy street style clean up
Houston & Ave A.
Houston & Ave B.
hurrican sandy street fashion old man
Houston & Ave C.
hurricane sandy street fashion dog
Houston & Ave D.
hurricane sandy fdr
Houston & Ave D.
lower east side hurricane sandy guys
Houston & Ave D.
Apparently Houston st was waist deep in water on around the far east avenues. This cab was at Houston and Ave D and although the water drained out of most of it, you can still see the water in the cup holders and wheel wells. Houston & Ave D.
These cars didn’t park like this, flood waters moved them onto the curb.  Houston & Ave D.
hurricane sandy street fashion
Houston & Ave D.
hurricane sandy street fashion dog
Houston & Ave D.
When is the last time you saw a line for a pay phone? Oh, wait, never. The only way most people could make calls downtown was via payphones and land lines, there was no cell service.  Houston & Ludlow.
hurricane sandy street style dudes
Houston & Ludlow.
hurricane sandy ll bean boots street style
Note the Bean boots and flimsy brimmed hat a la Justin Doss. Orchard & Rivington.
hurricane sandy homeless man
Bowery & Delancey.
hurricane sandy homeless man 2
In search: his face says it all.  Bowery & Delancey.
hurricane sandy debris
Spring & Elizabeth.
hurricane sandy street fashion plaid
Spring & Mulberry.
hurricane street style
Spring & Crosby.
hurricane sandy street style camo
Spring & Broadway.
hurricane sandy motorcycle
Prince & Broadway.
hurricane sandy street fashion dog 3
w 3rd & Broadway.
hurricane sandy street style boots
9th & University.
Dog is my co-pilot. 12th & University.
hurricane sandy street style camo 2
12th & University.
hurricane sandy crazy lady
17th & Broadway.


  1. Great photos Justin. Looks like some water went down spring street. Did Balthazar get flooded? Regards, Geoff.

    • Geoff,
      I believe the serious flooding only occurred toward the rivers, to my knowledge the inland parts were not bad. So Balthazar looked fine when I walked by. We actually didn’t get much rain, it was the storm surge from the rivers that was the problem. Well, and now there’s the whole thing that half of Manhattan is without power; utter and complete disaster. I have sequestered myself to the Upper East Side where I reside and have no intention of leaving until I have to go back to Philadelphia this weekend.

  2. nice pics man, i live at houston and ludlow, where some of your photos were taken, i agree it is crazy how it looks. hopefully we have power soon.

    • Thank WOH, the kid was awesome. He was like ‘hey man, am I gonna be on the internet?!’ I was like ‘my man, of course, haha’ Really nice kid he was, hopefully all is well with him and his family.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you my father that we were looking for for three day is here he is the old man on houston and Ave C with the suit on and the mustache we were looking for him and could not find him untill we seen this picture thank you so much it is the area were i grow up as a kid lower east side MR Rafael Gomez

    • Rafael,
      I really don’t know what to say, I’m speechless. But that is amazing. It certainly made my night. I’m glad I was able to help and glad that your father is well. Please pass along my regards to him.