Making Moves: Indochino

Making Moves: Indochino


indochino boston traveling tailor

They often say good things come in 3’s.  Or something like that.

Well in the span of a single week Indochino has three big things going on.  First, they just raised $13 million in round B funding.  the investment was led by Boston’s Highland Consumer Fund.  And speaking of Boston, they just yesterday opened up their Boston traveling tailor shop.  This time doing things a little differently, instead of crunching everything into one week they will hold this event over three weeks (March 22-April 15.  Check my review here, if you budget is $400 you will not find a better deal).  So if you live or travel to the Boston area this could be a good opportunity to get your measurements in their system.  Third, and perhaps what I am most excited for is on Tuesday Indochino is releasing their spring/summer fabric collection.  Word on the street is that there may be some blends involving cotton and/or linen.  My interest in piqued.