Jos A. Bank via SNL

Jos A. Bank via SNL

jos a bank snl skit

It is no secret that Jos A. Bank (often referred to as Jose Bank in these pages) is the bane of many a well dressed man’s existence.  And for good reason, the brand peddles some ill fitting suits of poor construction.  It is concerning to see so many men wearing Jose Bank suits, but I hope that this blog has at least steered a few gents clear of the place.

I remember that when I first had to start dressing for a corporate job (aka working for the man at Deloitte) I went through Jose Bank but thought I was being led astray.  So I started reading, researching and refining my personal style.  Which, in part, is what led to the creation of this blog.

Anyway, SNL did a great commercial for the company.  Like it or not, you can’t deny that it is far from the mark.  Enjoy liberally.



  1. well, justin, that’s pretty much out on the plank, even by snl standards.

    i’ll bet you were just dapper as a ‘junior exec’ in the dt training program…

    me, well, it was brooks bros. for my initial toe dipping in men’s business attire.

    i think it’s extremely important (and i know you are not disputing this) that people have a comfort zone when in the workplace, be it a look, a level of quality, or simply a ‘what can i afford’. think about it, one does not start out in a subdivision, they tend to rent an apt., often with a friend, and work their way from there.

    i think a man or woman will make fashion decisions based on a perceived level of comfort. if they feel good in their clothes, then they’ll project and perform accordingly.

    still, pretty stout skit, so thankx for livening up this joint.

  2. Nailed! So on point, both in the skit and “Jose Bank.” I live in their home state and shop elsewhere as entering their stores always felt like stepping onto a used car lot!