Fashion: Miguel Antoinne Store Opening

Fashion: Miguel Antoinne Store Opening


designer miguel antoinne
The man himself: Miguel Antoinne.

On October 11 Miguel Antoinne opened the doors to his first store at 39 Wooster St in New York’s fashion-centric Soho neighborhood.  The opening was well attended by a rather diverse yet fashionable crowd, including Andre Brown and Ramses Barden (who was wearing a shirt and pants from Miguel Antoinne) of the NY Giants; and of course, yours truly.  If you are a regular follower of FYGblog you will know that I rarely talk about fashion, but from time to time I find it prudent and interesting to do so.  For sometimes we need to look at things from a different perspective.  And Miguel Antoinne’s is certainly different from what we normally talk about here on FYG, but not in a bad way.

After the showing I had a chance to speak with Ramses and Miguel.  I asked Ramses why he likes fashion and fashion shows.  He cited two primary reasons.  The first being that “It gives an opportunity to show other parts of our personality,” basically, that football players do more than just play football.  They have interests and hobbies like everyone else.  And second, that “as athletes we have trouble finding things that fit and have a personal feel and form.”  The fact that he hit on the importance of fit was awesome and frankly the importance of fit cannot be emphasized enough.

Miguel and I quickly came to a common ground on how we believe people generally do not take enough care when dressing.  He noted he wants his collection to allow people to dress well and differently but still in good taste.  He lamented on his days as a boy in Miami, observing what women wore, which he noted as being ‘art.’  When asked how to concisely and accurately sum up his collection Miguel classified his collection ‘Nightcandy.’  Refer to the photos below (starting with the Banksy tattoo) to see said Nightcandy.  Thank you to Miguel, his team, Deborah Hughes PR, Andre Brown and Ramses Barden for your time and hospitality.

Enjoy Liberally,

JustinL Jeffers

andrew brown miguel antoinne
Andre Brown of the New York Giants hanging out before the show.
Andre brown spitting fire
Dropping pre-show game.
Andre Brown
Ramses Barden new york giants
Ramses Barden in thought.
Ramses Barden miguel antoinne
Seeing something of interest…
ramses barden and miguel antoinne
Ramses Barden and Miguel Antoinne kicking it after the show
Homemade hat decoration.
Homemade leather bow tie. Exceedingly cool. This kid should sell these.
This was probably my favorite outfit of any of the guests (except for the belt with a vest…).  The tweed vest, scarf and leather jacket is such a good look and this gent pulled it off effortlessly.
Loving the Banksy tattoo.