Menswear Via MRket & (capsule) NYC

Menswear Via MRket & (capsule) NYC



Dear Readers,

On July 23 & 24 I will be venturing to the MRket and (capsule) shows here in New York.  I am quite excited for both and frankly cannot wait.  I expect to have ample coverage on both events, especially MRket.  However, if there are any brands and shops you would like particular highlight of or details of, please let me know (via comments, email, twitter or facebook) and I will try to accommodate your request accordingly.




  1. Justin, could you please run a piece on Duchamp London. The colours of their accessories are amazing. I hope they put the exhibitors in alphabetical order in the Javits Center as it is huge and quite easy to get lost once inside the trade show. My wife and I were in New York last November for a Dental Trade show at the Javits Center and regularly got lost once inside. Bloomingdales has a small range of Duchamp London and I tried on a great purple velvet jacket which fit me well . I decided to leave it as we had to get down to the Javits Center for a seminar and just never got back to Bloomingdales. However once I was back in Australia I got onto Duchamp London website and found the same jacket on sale for 1/3 the price!