Just A Reminder…

Just A Reminder…


MyTailor will be in New York City over the next few weeks.  September 27 & 28 and October 1-5, to be exact.  So, if you are in the market for suits in the $700+ range, may I advise you set up an appointment.  Or, if you are in the market for some quality dress shirts, your time would also be utilized quite well with a visit.  You can check my thoughts here, here and here.  But in short, I am a big fan of what they do at MyTailor.  If you are interested and looking for some guidance; I am meeting with MyTailor Thursday morning, any of my readers are welcome to join, just please send me an email with notice.  Or, if you have your own time set and would like advisement please send an email and we can see if the timing works out.




  1. I had an appointment with Mytailor yesterday in Atlanta, per your recommendation. I bought a suit and a shirt and am looking forward to the results. The process was pain free and done in under an hour. Hopefully this is the solution to my Brooks Brothers problem.