Menswear Bloggers Rising

Menswear Bloggers Rising

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This whole menswear blogging this is having a good moment these days.  Obviously, within the category there are a number of different types of bloggers and styles.  For the purposes of this post, I am referring more to the guys who focus on helping guys dress better without breaking the bank; whether it be casual clothing or tailored clothing.  Obviously, I would put The Fine Young Gentleman in that category.  But there are many other guys who run similar operations, who, also like me, are getting into the design and brand side of things.  Now, there are the bloggers who want to monetize their blog and blog audience (which there are a number of ways to do) and then there are those who want to start a different venture, such as a brand (like Jay Butler), in order to pay the bills.  Within the last few years we have seen a few guys follow the latter path:

-Will Boehlke at A Suitable Wardrobe started the A Suitable Wardobe shop

-Justin Fitzpatrick at The Shoe Snob started J. FitzPatrick Footwear

-Raphael Schneider at Gentleman’s Gazette started Fort Belvedere

-Myself, here at The Fine Young Gentleman, started Jay Butler

In the past few weeks two other guys have thrown their hat into the ring as well.  In similar businesses as each other, but slightly different approaches.

-Sabir Peele at Men’s Style Pro launched a 4 fabric collection with Dragon Inside mens style pro dragon inside

-Juan and Jose Zuniga at Teaching Men’s Fashion launched Estuniga, a custom suit and shirt brand, in collaboration with Point Click Tailor

estuniga green suit


And on a related note:

-Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style and Aaron Marino of Alpha M last year started StyleCon, the second annual meeting is this May 1-3 down in Atlanta


So why do I bring all this up?  For a few reasons:

-Menswear, both tailored and non tailored is having a moment.  I hope that moment turns into an era, I plan to do what I can to make that happen.

-As bloggers we have been hearing from readers and customer for years what men want.  We are now taking that knowledge and converting it into tangible products.  Good products.  All of the guys that I have spoken with who went from blogging/writing on men’s style to starting a brand are not just in it to make money but we also believe we can offer a better product to consumers and that we can, through our designs and products, help guys dress well.  Readers and consumers should know this and they should also know that many of us bloggers are friendly and sometimes work together to some extent.  One could argue that we’re in this together.

-The word needed to be put out for the new MSP and Estuniga collections, both of which are very strong and both are made by solid mtm companies (Dragon Inside and Point Click Tailor).  I highly recommend you all take a look at them.  I wish Jose, Juan and Sabir the best with their new endeavors.

-I wanted to see how I feel writing in bullet point format.  Potential foreshadowing…  Do you guys like it or not, your thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!  And as always, thank you for reading!





  1. Great post. As someone who’s been through it, what are your thoughts on creating a separate brand vs. housing your product line under your blog name/brand?

    I’ve seen both done. On one hand, going with a separate brand makes sense. But it can also be confusing, especially if you link to it from your blog.



  2. Very common concept. Hopefully one day I’ll have my own. Great looking shoes you got.

    Are you interested in joining a mastermind group with other bloggers? I’m looking to learn when i can from all the bloggers all over the world and also give information I know.

  3. As a longtime reader, I started following most of these bloggers long ago. I’m personally not a fan of the bullet point formatting, as I feel it discourages the addition of commentary, which is one of the many reasons I read this blog. From my humble readership, I think you would do best to keep on writing freely, and resort to bullet points only if you must summarize.

    Thank you for your years of blogging, and I thank you in advance for the years ahead!

  4. I don’t know if it’s any good yet, but I have a blog going. It was inspired by The Modest Man, FYG, Dappered, and others. Hopefully it adds something unique, at least, over time I hope that it will.

  5. I’ve started a blog out of the inspiration that I received from ones like this, Brocks, and others. Hopefully I find “my voice” over time, and contribute something new and worthwhile.