Santacon: The Style Of…

Santacon: The Style Of…


santacon clark griswold jersey
The most legendary jersey ever. Clark Griswold Blackhawks jersey. If you don’t know who Clark Griswold is then you should reevaluate your upbringing.

Santacon.  A day of Santa Clausery and debauchery.  Basically, a day when many think they can still hack day drinking like those oft longed for collegiate days (most can’t, it seemed).  But all the while rocking some form of a Santa costume or other related Christmas garb.  There were some true sights to behold; the good, the bad and the ugly were all well represented.  I even saw one girl singing and dancing along to ‘Oops I did it again’ while crying.  That was a first, and hopefully a last.  Anyway, I would say my fellow NYCers held things down pretty well.  There was certainly a wide variety of costumery (and tomfoolery).  My favorite was the Clark Griswold Blackhawks jersey I spotted at Wicked Willys in Greenwich Village.  Certainly a great take on the normal Santa costume, for those of us that got the allusion.  There was also a laxbro rocking an ugly Christmas sweater lax penni, well played.  See you all out there next year.


Justin L. Jeffers

santacon nyc people
The usual suspects.
santacon girl
And of course there were these outfits…
santacon girls
And these…
santacon nightmare before christmas
The elf and Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas
santacon phillies
Gotta rep the PHL.
what to wear for santacon
Eying the target.
santacon nyc girls
Going in for the kill.  But create your own ending…  But as a side note, awesome costume with the lights.
santacon nyc
The skull and crossbone suspenders are awesome. And yes, she is holding him by some sort of leash.  Again, create your own ending…
what to wear for santacon nyc
Nova Nation’s finest.  One of the uglier ugly sweaters spotted.
santacon onesie
Rocking the onesie. Note the penny loafers.
santacon nyc
Red Lion: the line. Some things just aren’t for me.
santacon national lampoons shirt
Best movie shirt ever.  Best Christmas movie ever.