Suitsupply Opens In Philadelphia

Suitsupply Opens In Philadelphia

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Suitsupply continued its invasion of the States this week with the opening of its outpost in Philadelphia at 1601 Locust st on Thursday.  As a Philadelphia area native who has moved back to the area I see what the mean of my beloved city wear and lord knows the men need some help.  So the arrival of Suitsupply in Philadelphia is not a moment too soon.  I pray that the men of our great city will realize there are options out there aside from Jose Bank, Brooks Brothers and whatever disaster of a discount men’s store they may frequent.

The store shares its style with the New York store (and I imagine the other stores).  The wavy suit racks, well clad mannequins, shirt wall and tie wall (a personal favorite) are all present (I apologize the photos are not up to par, I had to use my phone).  However, the Philadelphia store occupies 2 floors, whereas the New York store only one larger floor.  The two floor set up serves to nicely segregate the suits in the basement level from the less formal options on the ground floor.  The shoes and bags are each given their own walls, which I think is an improvement in presentation over what the New York store offers.

The suits and other gear is a good value, from what I have been able to discern.  There are some excellent fabrics in the current collection on display; lots of linen and silks.  Which alone make the trip worthwhile.  But aside from that a trip to the store should be warranted for any man looking for a new suit who is not set on the made to measure route.  Welcome to Philadelphia Suitsupply.


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