The Tweed Run

The Tweed Run


I was lucky enough to stop by the Tweed Run yesterday.  The event was sponsored by Rugby and called Rugby’s 99 University Place store home base.  As was to be expected there was a slew of well dressed ladies and lads.  Unfortunately, I did not see any of the bicyclists depart en masse but I did see some of the preparations.  I also saw (and acquired) some of the clothing that Rugby had made for the event.  And yes, I saw enough badass tweed to make me think I was on the set of Boardwalk Empire.

Note the odd jacket and waistcoat, a fine example of dressed up country casual.
Nearly impeccable. Note the bellows pockets, braces, brown herringbone and tie clip in the shape of an antique handgun (AND it is worn properly at a slant).
F.E. Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep doing his thing. Note his signature painted chinos and her skirt and hat.

Check out Unabashedly Prep.

Mr. Castleberry, again. Note the lack of socks and wing tip bluchers.
On the gentleman on the left note his boutonniere, moustache, and the amazing check pattern of his suit.
Again, nearly impeccable. Note her sunglasses, long necklace and shirt.
My favorite womens shoes of the day, by far. So much so that two pictures are needed to give them due respect.

Jace Lipstein of Grungy Gentleman and Karl-Edwin Guerre of Guerrisms preparing for the shot. Note Jace's badass brown herringbone jacket with elbow patches and patch pockets as well as Guerre's red brick soled saddle shoes and infinitely comfortable looking cable knit cardigan.

Check out Guerrisms.

Check out Grungy Gentleman.

The Shot