Smooth Shaves & Sleek Suits: TRIM Philadelphia

Smooth Shaves & Sleek Suits: TRIM Philadelphia

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Admittedly, the idea is not groundbreaking or earth shattering; that would be too much for the men of Philadelphia (and pretty much any other city) anyway.  But the idea it is a good one, the products and services compliment each other very well.  I speak of the Henry A Davidsen and 2B Groomed collaboration resulting in TRIM Philadelphia (Tradition Restored In Men) at the Henry A Davidsen shop at 1701 Spruce st (2nd floor).  Essentially it is a barbershop within a custom suit shop (it reminds me a little of Wingtip for all you of San Franciscans); a one stop shop of sorts for gentlemen who like to take care of themselves.

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The idea came from the minds of Brian Lipstein of Henry A Davidsen and Jahmal Rhaney of 2B Groomed some time ago and was officially launched last week on September 11th.  I was fortunate enough to stop by before TRIM officially opened a few weeks ago and got a shave from Jahmal.  Which I found to be quite nice.  But to be honest, the pre-shave routine was what really stood out.  Jahmal spent about 15 minutes applying warm towels, salves and oils to my face to prime the skin and hair for shaving.  I believe they offer these services separately from a shave if requested.  It was quite relaxing and also a great segway into the night’s later activities.

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Along with a few different levels of shaves (for which TRIM uses almost exclusively Trufitt & Hill products and prices range $35-65) TRIM also offers a few different hair cutting services.  But I got the impression they really take pride in the shaves.  Anyway, the shop is open Monday through Friday from 10am until 6:30pm and until 4:30 on Saturdays.  Appointments are recommended, I should note.  And as far as recommendations go, yes, I would recommend a visit.


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Note: FYGblog received a complimentary shave in the course of the production of this post, but no other material compensation.