A Tweed Run, In New York City?

A Tweed Run, In New York City?


This Saturday (October 15th) a rather unique event is set to take place, that of the NYC Tweed Run.  The general concept is a copy of an event that has been going on for years in England.  Essentially one is supposed to don their finest tweed and mount their bike to ride around the city.  If tweed or casual bike rides are your thing then this should be the ticket for you.  The event is sponsored by Rugby, naturally, and I believe it is slated to start from the Rugby store at 99 University Place at noon.  Limited edition products are also to be offered at the Rugby store.  Although the event is sold out I am sure it would not be hard to join in on the fun in some fashion.


  1. love the hat1! keep it with your outfit and yeah tuedxo jacket would really look very nice with your outfit. that is such a fun outfit for a dinner party. 🙂