Celebrity Style Gone Wrong: Justin Bieber, Part I

Celebrity Style Gone Wrong: Justin Bieber, Part I


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Please, you knew this was coming.  And yeah, I’m going to be critical about it (skip to the last 3 paragraphs if you just want to hear me rant).

In a sartorial catastrophe that seems to have hit nearly ever major and minor publication Justin Bieber has concocted one of the most successful PR stunts of all time.  Now, whether that was his intention or not is not for me to opine on.  But I shall opine on his outfit, which is offensive for any occasion at any time of the year except Halloween.  It is worse than Ricky Fowler wearing snap back hats on the golf course (which I cannot stand) and it is worse than when Kanye West was consistently dressing to match Kim Kardashian (which is just plain embarrassing).

The outfit in discussion is Bieber’s half buttoned overalls accented by a t-shirt, chain, sneakers and snap back hat.  The occasion was him being honored with the Diamond Jubilee Medal by Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  From what I understand it is a high honor for a civilian, such as Bieber, to receive the award.  The outfit has garnered him the title of ‘White Trash Prince.’  Rightfully so.  As a bit of background, the young Bieber lashed back explaining that he was just coming off stage and did not have the opportunity to change for meeting with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister came out in effort to assuage the situation.  But both individuals efforts have done little to quell the public outrage.  In fact, it has been reported that crowds in Canada have booed Bieber because of his disrespect to their PM.  To all those Canadians who have booed, thank you; for you are keeping up the good fight.  You can damn well bet that I would boo a famous individual or role model who addressed our President in such rags as these.

Anyway.  In my lifetime I have made my share of sartorial blunders.  Including being caught wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time, and no, I’m not just talking about being out of dress code in high school.  It is true, sometimes you don’t have time to change.  But I learned my lesson: always dress for the most formal and/or important event of the day.  I would say that meeting with your country’s Prime Minister is more important (and formal) than playing in a concert, no offense to any of Bieber’s fans.  So following this argument, Bieber should have either worn something a little more presentable during his show; or had a change of clothes waiting for him back stage.  At a minimum at least take off your hat.

Now, regarding Bieber’s new title, ‘White Trash Prince.’  I cannot disagree with that title in the least, it is exceedingly fitting based on this anathema of an outfit.  I don’t care what he was doing, there is no excuse for being dressed in such poor taste.  As I said, Halloween.  I believe the proper term would be called rock bottom, for it cannot get much worse than this.

When we boil out all of the fluff and nonsense from this situation it all comes down to one thing, and that is respect.  Respect not only for Stephen Harper, a head of state.  But respect for one’s country, in this case Canada.  Now, I am not saying that Bieber was intentionally disrespecting Harper or Canada, but as far as I am concerned, disrespect was done.  I am glad that there has been such outcry about little Justin’s blunder.  A line has to be drawn for common decency and respect.  Now, if you, Justin, want to respond to me, as you have done with other critics, I look forward to a good debate.  But better yet, I offer my time and advice to enlighten you on some more tasteful matters of mens dress and style.

What do you think about Bieber’s Blunder?  Feel free to sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Keep Up The Good Fight,

Justin L. Jeffers




  1. Your article is succinct and to the point. Outrage is the “plat du jour” in certain circles. The issue is clearly as you state one of manners and respect. Great Post.

  2. Justin,

    You could not have expressed it any better. This is what is essentially wrong with some of those whom society would label as role models these days. Whatever the excuse, his choice of outfit was but just a plain expression of how arrogant this white trash prince can be.