Craig Sager And His Bracket Tie

Craig Sager And His Bracket Tie


I have no clue where Mr. Sagar acquired the above ‘bracket tie’ nor any other facts about it except that he wore it the other day on national television and that it is badass.  However, if I hear of where to acquire one I shall pass along word, as I am sure there are some of you who are looking to acquire one.  I also believe his jacket is a tussah silk, or at least it looks to be something along those lines, judging by the texture.  Which would only give him additional points.  Furthermore, Mr. Sagar’s dress (not just here but on other occasions, but some of his ensembles are a bit over the top for sports reporting though) is a nice change from that of the majority of sports casters, who are notorious for their atrocious style and dress.  Keep up the good work, sir.


    • Christy,
      When I did the post I did a little looking into it but could not find anything. But I am sure it has to be available somewhere from someone. I’d start with ebay, etsy, style forum and google.

  1. Some of his ensembles are a bit over the top for ANY occasion, but he owns them, so more power to him. I personally won’t be using very many of his outfits for inspiration, however.

    As for the tie:

    quote: “To be honest, last year, I had one made,” Sager said. “It was black with white lines for the bracket. People kept asking what it was. I liked the idea so well I wanted to give it another try.”

    So apparently he had it custom made. I did find these: