FYG x New York Times x Bill Cunningham

FYG x New York Times x Bill Cunningham


A few weeks back I attended the polo match on Governors Island.  Although polo was the main attraction for most people the fashion of the day was a notable second.  The legendary photographer Bill Cunningham was on hand at the ferry terminal to greet guests with his camera and signature blue smock.

Mr. Cunningham put together a video with commentary of some of the fashion highlights of the day including myself and a friend of mine who himself is a true gentleman.  I love the old school tone and accent of his voice, something lost in the recent generation; much like good style.  My picture can be seen at 2:30 into the video and my friends at 0:53.  Alternatively check out the above photo, I am the fourth photo in from the left on the bottom row and a friend of mine is the fifth in from the left on the bottom.

For gents bowties, sport coats and girls on the arm were a must.  For girls sundresses and hats were equally as crucial to the days success.  I have never seen such a large gathering of New Yorkers dressed so well.

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