Celebrity Style Gone Wrong, I

Celebrity Style Gone Wrong, I


Poor Jonah Hill…  I mean, he’s certainly not poor; but shit, just look at that suit.

I feel bad for Mr. Hill in this picture, which was from an event for The Watch.  The fit of that suit is just atrocious, offensive even.  It reminds me of my friends first Alton Lane suit.  At the Oscars Mr. Hill was no sartorial idol, but at least he had the fit down pretty well.  Let’s break down this outfit in the hopes that some lessons can be learned.

Let’s dwell on the positives first.  Pink is one of my favorite colors to wear, so I give him credit for the pink tie.  However, the pink is not strong enough to counter the charcoal 3-piece.  A heavier pink or even a pink repp tie would have been a solid improvement (he also needs to fully pull up the tie).  Or, if the pocket square was a pink to compliment the tie things would have looked far better.  The other positive is that he is rocking  a pocket square.  But again, it does not look to compliment the shirt or tie.  It just does not go with the outfit.  A simple white linen or a pink to compliment the tie would have worked much better.  In short, the ideas are present and with good intention, the execution is poor.  Lastly, I must give Mr. Hill serious points for shedding and keeping of some of his weight; a respectable feat regardless of who you are.

Now, on to the less than positives; negatives if you will.  The most glaring deficiency of the suit are the sleeves; they are too short.  And on top of that they drape in a weird and unfortunate manner.  The sleeves of the shirt are also too long and the cuffs are too wide, which causes them to slip down to the top of the palm.  This only exacerbates the sleeve issue.  The sleeves start at the shoulders, which themselves are far from excellent.  The shoulders are a little too wide for Jonah and they also seem to be of a more natural construction so there is not much in the way of padding and structure to them; thus why there is that unfortunate rounded look to them.

Next let’s discuss the lapels.  They are too narrow and the notches are too low.  Because of Mr. Hill’s wider stature he would be far better suited with wider lapels; as it stand the proportions are completely off and the narrower lapels make him look wider (and heavier) than he actually is.  He is also not the tallest of folk, a higher notch (and gorge) would serve to elongate his torso, which would also have a little bit of a slimming effect.

Keeping up with the trends Jonah Hill opted for a three piece; must have been brutal in the summer.  But it does look as the vest is a bit tight, as you can see some pulling at the buttons on the front.  You can also see a bit of shirt poking out where the bottom button is unbuttoned; which although tolerable, is not ideal.  On that topic however, he does get points for keeping the bottom button unbuttoned.  He also get points because it does not look like he is wearing a belt; which one should never do when wearing a vest as the bulge caused by the buckle is an assault on the eyes.

Moving down to the pants we have moderate success.  I think the width of the pant legs are good.  Mr. Hill could not go too narrow (or ‘skinny’) because of his wider torso and too wide and he would look even frumpier.  The foul here is that the pants are too short, they barely cover the top of his shoes.  If he was to add 1/2-1″ to the trousers the legs would be visually elongated, which would do him well.

Lastly, we have the shoes.  I am not a fan of pairing bluchers with a suit (actually, I’m not really fan of them for anything but casual wear).  I think the open lacing structure creates too much added material to the shoes.  Closed laced shoes (oxfords) are far more streamlined.  So I must knock him for the shoes.

All of this taken into account, I judge Mr. Hill’s look to be a 3 of 10.  What are your thoughts?








  1. I think I know what happened. Mr Hill was on a brief stopover in Hong Kong and went to one of those 24 hour tailors with a Thom Brown look on his mind. Things got lost in translation and this monstrosity of a suit is what spewed forth from the depths of a sweatshop in Shenzhen. The best advice I can give Mr Hill is to find himself a quality tailor and start by looking at photographs of Winston Churchill- now there was a guy whose short, portly stature was really enhanced by a well made bespoke three piece suit.

  2. Oh God, this picture hurts my eyes! It’s the perfect example for how not to do it.

    One thing I would like to say, imho a blucher(derby) can work well with a suit if it has the right shape(think Corthay Arca)

    • Eduardo,

      True, there are some better shaped bluchers, I suppose I would break my rule on that one if I had a pair like the Arcas. And Corthay does make some damn nice shoes.