New Rule: Rule 52

New Rule: Rule 52

justin bieber terrible style

It’s time to add a rule. It’s been a while; perhaps I’m off my game of being a judgemental d-bag. Or perhaps I’ve just been a bit sidetracked.

Sadly, I can’t even take credit for this one; that goes to Wil Fulton of Super Compressor. It wasn’t even a rule set forth by Wil, just a statement referring to snapback hats. But it is too good not to add.

52. ‘If thee Bieber wears it, thou shall not.’

I have spoken unfavorably of the young Bieber’s style in the past.  It seems he shows no signs of relenting his assault on our eyes. But I remain hopeful, if someone with as much influence as he started to dress with some decent taste then we could all be better off for it.


A runner up for the rules from the Super Compressor article is ‘Things with mustaches on them’ because ‘they reek of Zoey Deschanel and desperation.’ A profound observation.

For the record, I strongly dislike inanimate objects with mustaches on them. Mustaches are fine on a man’s face, but nowhere else.



PS – photo credit to here and here.


  1. My wedding is in few weeks.
    We already settled for a black tux and trouser with a green bow tie.
    Just wondering what colour of shoe will match perfectly.
    Been considering a brown shoe, also a black is on my list.
    Please advise. T

    • The Rules of Men’s Dress section of this blog has a few things to say about that.
      The easy answer is black, and only black. Patent leather is pretty standard but a cap-toe oxford should also do fine.

  2. The only thing that would make this outfit worse is if he had long hair and a “messy bun”….. Oh wait …

  3. Dear Justin,

    I posted a comment in form of a question which wholecut loafer – Kent Wang or FitzPatrick – you prefer and why, but I don’t see it online?