Some Thoughts On Square Toe Shoes…

Some Thoughts On Square Toe Shoes…


Shoes: Kenneth Cole.

Dear Consumers and Designers.

I hate square toe shoes.  I hate them like any die hard Red Sox fan hates the Yankees.  I hate them like any good republican hates Obama’s healthcare ‘reform.’   They are a pandemic.

Technically, square toe shoes date back a few hundred years, which is usually something I like.  Regardless, the current manifestations are abominations.  They are aesthetically displeasing and unnatural.  They are devoid good taste and style  by even the lowest of standards.  The story of how they came about is not worth my time to write or your time to read.  I will say this, they are like Kim Kardashian.  They appeared and they will not go away, I do not understand why.  I have yet to determine a useful purpose in society for either, if i ever do, I will let you know.  At least Kim made a sex tape.  All you need to know regarding these type of shoes is one word: no.



P.S. Thanks Kim


  1. you hate square toed shoes just about as much as I hate pointy shoes. Only gays and italians wear them.

  2. Toes dont matter. Really its how you keep them polished /shined. I believe its personal preference on toe shape . Me… i wear both pointy or squared off. No one is going to tell you to your face “Hey those toes are wrong” if they do … Punch em in the face to remind them they have a major problem. Look around at some high end shoe makers and you will see they make both toes and sell em for thousands of dollars. especially the shoes made from crock, eel, ostrich, lizard etc. Those are really nice shoes.

    • Jim,
      The quality brands that sell shoes with a more squared toe are not square toed shoes, they are more of a chiseled shape. The flatter edge on the toe is not wide enough to qualify as square toed. However, I should also note that there is not a direct correlation between price tag and good taste.

  3. I don’t like the look of real square toed shoes, but I wonder how much that is due just to how the fashionista/manufacturers have messed with my mind–just as they routinely try to do for tie widths, and everything else.

    If you look at the crippled bare toes of middle age women who have forced their feet into pointy toed shoes for decades, it should occur to you that your opinion should have considered how to balance the shape of your shoes with the shape of your feet.