Obama Takes It Off

Obama Takes It Off

obama takes off jacket

Obama has no problem catching headlines.  And he shouldn’t, he is the President Of The United States Of America.  Admittedly, I don’t follow his, or other politicians headlines.  But from time to time my attention is grabbed.

Case in point, when said POTUS took off his jacket in front of a crowd in Berlin last week while giving a speech on global warming.  The political message interested me little.  But the fact that the President took off his jacket while giving a speech in front of thousands?  Sheeeit.  This was no town hall meeting.

obama takes off jacket

To set up the removal of his jacket Obama noted, “in fact, it’s so warm and I feel so good, I’m going to take off my jacket and anybody else who wants to – feel free to,”  He went on to say that “we can be a little more informal among friends.”

Should us men’s style enthusiasts take issue with Mr. Obama’s choice?  Um.  Yes.  Allow me to elaborate.

Let’s take into account the context of the situation.  Our President was there to give a speech, I have read the crowd numbered a few thousand.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also present.  The temperature was high, perhaps even scorching.  Clearly it was hot, hot enough to cause Obama to sweat profusely, even with his jacket off.

obama takes off jacket

So should the scorching heat give Mr. Obama justification to remove his jacket?  No.  Why you may ask?  Because of all of the other previously mentioned characteristics of the situation, it really comes down to formality and respect.  First, he was speaking in front of a foreign audience in what seemed to be a fairly formal setting.  But perhaps of more importance was that he was in the presence of the hosting head of state.  Which to my mind requires a certain level of formality (think back to Justin Bieber) and respect; something that President Obama did not exhibit, in my opinion.  And then there is the issue of the visible tank top underneath, certainly not a good look, but I’ll save that for another time.

As much as I hate sweating in a suit and prefer to be comfortable there are times when one must suffer or make sacrifice in order to keep face.  Such is the way of things.

If Mr. Obama properly planned for the event he would have worn a suit of more suitable fabric.  A fresco or high twist wool in something half lined or unlined.  The suit would have been just as formal as the one he was wearing and he would’ve been able to keep it on.
Blunder on Mr. President,



Photos sourced from Miami Newsday.


  1. while I disagree with many things about our President, I see no problem with his choice. As for the suit fabric choice, I do not think the president has time for menswear, #menswear or anything similar. He’s the Commander-In-Cheif, he has far more important things to do than decide on suit fabrics.

  2. Dear Justin, this incident that occurred to your President reminds me of a similar situation that happened here in Italy.
    Mr. Giovanni Ansaldo, a famed writer, recalls that two senior men of importance made bad mistakes, while working at the Italian Constitution in the Parliament in the late 1940s.
    Mr. Orlando wore white trousers and white shoes, Mr. Nitti a gabardine suit with a clashing tie.
    Mr. Ansaldo also notes that, this being the present, the future may involve MPs working in t-shirts and shorts, and that the only smart men in the Houses of Parliament would be the clerks, compelled to wear an uniform.

  3. Why was this article even created, because a man took off his jacket? The only reason Obama catches headlines is because people create stupid articles like this about him. It was hot, he is a human being and wanted to cool down.