Other Loves: Food & Travel

Other Loves: Food & Travel


So what you all don’t know about me is that I like traveling and food about as much as I like style.  Sometimes they go hand in hand and other times they do not.  So why do I bring this up?  Well, for well over a year now I have debated talking about food, but have continually opted not to.  But that will now change.  From time to time I will speak on food, mostly restaurants that I go to when traveling.

I don’t really like to write drawn out reviews on restaurants like I do for suits and shoes.  Mostly because I usually view dining as an experience, as it takes place over an allotted period of time; and for the most part, the only thing that is tangible about it is consumed.  So I take notes on the food, service, dress, ambiance and whatever else may strike me as I dine.  And then at times I will go back and add a few comments as needed to round things out.  I try to keep things concise and useful.  So it is those notes that will serve as the restaurant reviews.  A somewhat impressionist way of doing things?  Perhaps.  But whether you like or dislike the format, I guarantee you that I will not lead you astray.