Butler Luxury Hanger Review 3.0

Butler Luxury Hanger Review 3.0

butler luxury wood hanger

In the past I have reviewed Butler Luxury’s hangers. Rather favorably, at that. They were then and still are are some of, if not the best hangers one can buy. The question is more are they worth the money. At $38, they are far from cheap. If you have 10 suits and want to hang each of them on one of Butler’s hangers it’ll run you around $330 (they do offer quantity discounts, thankfully). Before you get sticker shock, keep in mind that $330 is likely less than 10% of the cost of 10 suits and these hangers will outlast the suits by a decade or three. Between that and the added convenience of a second pant bar, these hangers are worth the upfront cost.

Since I’ve already covered the quality of Butler Luxury’s hangers perhaps the title of this being a review is a slight misnomer. We will go over the quality again, but there will be considerable focus on the utility of their new double bar hanger.

When I buy a suit, whenever possible, I will acquire a second pair of pants to go with the suit (I also recommend all of you do the same). Not only does this provide a back up pair in the event one of the pairs meets its demise prematurely, but it also allows you to have two different styles of pants to go with the same jacket. For instance, one pair could be pleated and cuffed and the other straight front and uncuffed; among other options. However, when storing the pants it can be annoying to stack them on top of each other on a single pant bar or on two separate hangers. Alas, Butler Luxury has created a solution to this problem by adding a second pant bar to their legendary wood suit hanger. A simple, yet effective solution.  Obvious even, one could say.

butler luxury wood pant hanger

The second pant bar allows easy access to both pairs of pants. Whereas with just one bar you have to remove the top pair of pants if you want to access the bottom you can access both pairs easily. And neither pair has to be removed to access the other. Am I that lazy? Sometimes, yes. Is the convenience of having a second pant bar nice? So far, yes every time.

You may notice the shape of the hanger is very similar to the single bar suit hangers we have discussed in previous reviews, it is not identical.  Butler Luxury released a new line of hangers the ‘Tailor Made’ line which adds a little more girth to the body of the hanger.  The double pant hanger, ‘Tailor Made Custom Suit Hanger‘ is part of this new line.  It is a substantial piece of wood.

butler luxury double pant hanger
We have flared shoulders to support the shoulder pads of the jacket, which is crucial for proper hanging jacket care.  Most relevant to this review, we have the second pant bar, which has enough space between it and the first bar to allow for easy access.
butler luxury 2 pant hanger
The felt of the pant bars does an excellent job of holding the pants in place.
butler luxury hangers
The grain of the wood is rather elegant.  In contrast to previous hangers I reviewed, this time I opted for the deep butterscotch finish to see how it looked.  It is very nice, however, as a matter of personal preference I prefer the dark matte walnut espresso.
butler luxury 2 pant wooden hanger
A beautifully hung suit with two pair of pants, $600; military grade tactical boots, $150; old school lax gear, priceless.

Spending $38 on a hanger is your call and frankly, the price is the only negative thing I have to say about these hangers, as is the case in past reviews of Butler Luxury products.  But if you are okay with spending that much money on hangers, Butler Luxury is a great place to look.  If you have suits that have two pair of pants then I would say that Butler Luxury has a monopoly on that market.  Having two pant bars on a hanger isn’t a necessity for my suits I have two pair of pants for.  But it is quickly becoming a convenience I won’t be able to live without.



Note: Butler Luxury did provide the item being discussed for the purposes of review. Butler Luxury is also an advertiser on this blog. However, the utmost effort was taken to ensure that neither of these factors affected this review.


  1. If Butler Luxury is the best of the best when it comes to hangers, what’s second best? Or third? Or fourth?