How To Pick Up Chicks In A Tux

How To Pick Up Chicks In A Tux

how to pick up chicks in a tux

About a month ago I semi-jokingly said on Instagram that on the blog was a post on how to pick up chicks in a tux.  Upon thinking about it, it was actually the perfect subject for a post.   When it comes down to it, one of the reasons men who dress well choose to do so is to attract the opposite sex.  For some it may be their primary motivator, for others, a secondary.  A collection of life experiences leave me to believe that women do the same to attract males.  Anyway, I’m feeling jestful today so let’s begin.



how to pick up girls in tux 1
Step 1 – Don a well fitting tuxedo.  While donning said tux stage yourself outside of someplace posh.  In this instance I chose the Plaza hotel as I was attending a wedding there.  Scan the masses for potential targets.  Do not display as what one commenter on Man Repeller put it, douchebag bro face.  When’s the last time you talked to a girl with resting bitch face?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, never.
how to pick up chicks in a tux 2
Step 2 – Upon acquiring a target, woo said target over to you.  If wooing does not work, you may have to approach target, although this is less desirable.
how to pick up chicks in a tux 3
Step 3 – Introduce yourself; first name then last.  Keep your cool.
how to pick up girls while in a tux 5
Step 4 – Engage in the art of conversation.
how to pick up girls wearing a tux 4
Step 5 – Listen.  It is more important than you think.  And if you’ve selected your target well she will have interesting things to talk about.  Crazy people, flakey people and basic bitches should be avoided.
how to pick up chicks while wearing a tux 6
Step 6 – Continue conversing.
how to get girls while wearing a tux 7
Step 7 – Upon either making plans for another time or acquiring means for further communication (ie a phone number – call her, do not text her) then bid her adieu.
how to pick up girls in tux 1
Step 8 – Repeat.



Note: Tux – Mohans.  Shoes – Jack Erwin.  Photos – Scott Stemke (Jack Erwin).


  1. Great post. When I first read the title “How To Pick Up Chicks In A Tux,” I thought you going to provide suggestions on how to pick up women who were wearing tuxes. Relieved to hear that wasn’t the case, since it’s so rare these days to see a woman in black tie and cummerbund.

  2. I enjoyed this. The best was your last photo with the caption, Step 8 “Repeat”! I got a good laugh out of that. I agree with your overall story. I learned this first hand. Having rented a tux years ago, I attended a business function and afterwards went out to a couple night spots. The ladies appreciated a well dressed man. Since I had rented it for the weekend, I wore it again the next evening. As we say, I “repeated” and yes, I got lucky. Now down in Florida owning 2 tux’s, due to the warmer climes, I rarely get a chance to wear them. A well dressed and well mannered gentleman is the way to go (weather permitting). Cheers!