Newcomers: American Trench

Newcomers: American Trench

American Trench

American Trench

I have oft relished in my love for Philadelphia and The Main Line.  And now that I am spending much of my time back here I have been keeping an eye out for brands and stores that are based here.  One of which is American Trench, which was brought to my attention by Jake over at Modern Fellows.

A few years back the gents at American Trench, David Neill and Jacob Hurwitz, set out to create a Made In America trench coat.  And they have succeeded.  The company is based outside of Philadelphia in Wynnewood, which is only a few towns over from where I reside.  The construction is done in Newark.  The fabric is currently sourced from Italy, however, they are working on developing an American made fabric.  In addition to trench coats they also offer socks.  I have seen and evaluated both products in person and they are both of high quality (but sadly I did not have my camera with me so I am using their images).  But things are not for sale yet, as American Trench is in the last days of its Kickstarter campaign and although they have reached their goal there are still some trench coats available for pre-sale through the campaign at $725.  So, that said, if you are in the market for a trench coat, I recommend considering American Trench’s.


Justin L Jeffers

navy trench coat

button in wool linerAmerican Trench Button

Note:  FYGblog did not receive any type of compensation from American Trench in the writing of this post.  Just trying to spread the good word about all things Philadelphia…


  1. Hi Justin! Did you confirm that this may in fact be the same Jacob Hurwitz who also happened to teach mathematics at The Shipley School?