That Good New Stuff From Jay Butler

That Good New Stuff From Jay Butler

jay butler black leather duffel bag with strap

As time goes on and the seasons change, I thought it wise to expand the offerings over at Jay Butler.  Hopefully you all will agree with me that the new offerings make a nice addition to the line.  First, we have 2 new colorways for the Cromwell penny loafer; an unlined brown perforated and an olive green suede.  Then we have an all leather duffel bag, the Anchorage.  And at last, leather belts to go with the shoes.

In the late summer an unlined brown perforated penny loafer was added to the line.  The perforations allow air to easily pass through the leather allowing for maximum ventilation and minimum perspiration (think of this stuff as the leather version of mesh).  In other words, maximum comfort and wearability.  Additionally, the unlined nature of the shoes keeps them extra light and exceptionally flexible.  They are unlike nearly any other leather loafer you’ve ever worn.

jay butler brown perforated penny loafer 2

For the fall Jay Butler added an olive green suede penny loafer.  Olive green has been playing an increasingly large role in my wardrobe over the past few years, especially in the fall and winter so perhaps it was selfish of me to make it the fall color for Jay Butler.  But I know I am not the only one who wanted some olive green penny loafers…  Anyway, it is a very wearable and practical color; it goes with nearly any shade of trouser.  Not to mention is perfectly compliments and earthy colors of fall.Jay Butler Olive Green Suede Penny Loafer 2

The Anchorage Army Duffel is a substantial bag, a hunking piece of full grain leather in either black or brown.  Inspired by the design of a classic military parachute bag it will get you through some of your more arduous travels.  Or just a trip to the gym.

jay butler brown leather duffel bag front strap

Lastly we have the leather belts that were added to go along with the shoes.  All of the belts come with a gold colored buckle to go with the Millbank bit loafer as well as nearly all casual and dress ensembles. But perhaps of more importance, we’ve made belts up in every color we make shoes in so any issues of mismatching belt and shoes should be no longer.   jay butler mens brown full grain leather belt

jay butler mensnavy blue suede leather belt

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on Jay Butler and the new products on offer.  If you have any questions just sound off in the comments or send an email to  Thank you for your readership.