Two Birds With One Stone

Two Birds With One Stone

olive green quilted shirt j crew

2 birds with 1 stone, or 2 trends in one garment.  Without intending to sound rhetorical; it’s certainly not the first time it has happened, and will definitely not be the last.  Let me elaborate.

A few weeks back I wrote on some of the men’s style trends for this fall/winter season.  Although admittedly I generally dislike calling things trend that are really some pretty simple and classic aspects of menswear.

For today, let’s focus on two of the trends, the color green and all things quilted.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of green clothing is the the olive green military uniforms of yesteryear.  And for quilted goods it would be Chanel purses and Barbour quilted jackets.

Now that I am writing this post I realize that the photos included herein could be thought of as that was shook out of a J. Crew lookbook, as both my pants and shirt are from J. Crew.  But that is not the case!  I am by no means pushing the brand (nor did they provide any type of compensation to be featured).  The shoes, wallet and belt are from Jay Butler; which I guess you could say I am selfishly promoting.

jay butler brown ostrich bifold wallet in khakis

But anyway, neither of those things are the point. The first point is that this green quilted shirt checks off two trends for this season (and mind you, the shirt is from last winter’s collection).  The second, and more useful point is that this shirt shows that not all things trendy look bad.  I often put down trends and fads.  However, there are some good ones.  Some of which are executed upon well and others are not.  This shirt is a prime example of a trend(s) that has been executed well on; at least as far as I am concerned.  The shirt fits well and is wearable, attractive and practical (it is quite warm).

The only downside to this shirt is that it does not look very good when tucked it, it is a little to bulky and stiff.  Resulting in it to not drape and flow as a linen, oxford, broadcloth etc shirt would.  Because of this, most often the shirt is worn untucked, which may surprise some of you since I usually keep things pretty put together.  I do prefer to keep my shirts tucked in, but sometimes there are exceptions.  The key to wearing a shirt untucked is first having a good trim fit and second having the shirt cut at a shorter length; so the end hits about halfway between the waistband and the crotch.  I am curious to hear your thoughts, would you wear a shirt like this?

jay butler brown leather phone case in khakis



  1. Yes, if I were at home cleaning. No, if I were to go out.

    Of course, that quilted “shirt” is thick. My shirts are poplin.

  2. The shirt looks perfect untucked. Because of the bulkiness I couldn’t imagine wearing it tucked in; it is almost in between a shirt and a jacket. IMHO, that look and style dictates that the shirt be untucked but, hey, I’m from Southern California and we are on the casual side. I enjoy your fashion info. Thanks.

  3. I might buy a shirt like that in a size that is one or two bigger than what I normally wear, and wear it as a mid-season jacket over my other shirt that I would have tucked in to my pants.