Chensvold Is Back At It: Masculine Interiors

Chensvold Is Back At It: Masculine Interiors


Dear Readers,

Not realizing that it had been almost 3 weeks since my last post I knew I had to get something up ASAP. I am sorry for being so absent the last few weeks, I’ve been a bit consumed by other activities (like shoes).  Fortunately, some of my menswear writer friends have been keeping to putting out some original content.  One such I would like to highlight today is Christian Chensvold.  I hope you enjoy what he is up to these days.  In the next post we will revert to the more usual line of conversation.

Long time fans of this blog may or may not know of my fandom for the things Christian Chensvold over at Ivy Style puts out.  His first foray into the menswear and men’s style world was, which was followed by the legendary Ivy Style.  Although Dandyism has fallen a bit by the wayside, Ivy Style still goes strong.  In the past few months Christian has put his creative gears into overdrive and started two new ventures.  First, there was and now there is Masculine Interiors.  Over the past few years Christian and I have spoken about golf on a number of occasions, to the point where I have invited him to come play my course in the burbs.  However, I was mostly unaware of his affinity for the interior design/living space realm.  Fortunately, he is putting that interest into what form he knows best, the internetwebblogthing.  The voice and content style is somewhat akin to what is available at Ivy Style, which I find to be a good thing.  I hope some of the commenter battles are also as good.  Anyway, I’ve spent a good bit of time browsing Masculine Interior’s pages the past few weeks, I hope you enjoy it as well.

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