The Menswear Christmas Gift List Of 2014

The Menswear Christmas Gift List Of 2014


If you are anything like me, you are just now starting to do your Christmas shopping.  As much as I vow to myself to get the task done in the earlier part of December, I almost always fail.  It can be frustrating.  But fortunately, as men, we no longer have to be slaves to the masses in the malls; we can browse and purchase online – or have the women in our lives do it for us.

Christmas is a great time to ask for things that you would not ordinarily purchase for yourself.  By that I mean the more expensive and perhaps less practical things in life.  Like dress socks to set you back triple digits.  Or that velvet jacket you’ve always longed to acquire.  So in both that spirit, as well as a slightly more budget conscious one, I present a number of items that should make any well dressed man happy.

The guilty pleasure – Ralph Lauren American Flag Polo Bear Sweater, $245

rl flag bear sweater

Because your off the rack suits are so 2005 – Knot Standard, Black Lapel, Dragon Inside, $449 and up.

knot standard tweed jacket

The velvet jacket – Buttons n Threads, $399.

red velvet jacket

The everyday shoe – Jay Butler, $145-175.

jay butler clockwise

The suave dress shoe or boot – Cobbler Union, $395-475.

cobbler union louis boot

Now that you have the shoes, take care of them – J. Fitzpatrick, $9-60.


The polo shirt – Kent Wang, $65-85.

kent wang green polo

The most practical tie that you don’t own, the grenadine tie – Chipp, $50.  David Fin, $85-105.

david fin grenadine necktie

You decided its time to dress your pocket – Jay Butler, $60-295.

jay butler crocodile leather card case wallets

Anything from Paul Stuart – Because it is the best of the best.


You have the tux, now you need the accessories to match – Fort Belvedere, $40-275.

fort belvedere black tie accessories

The headphones to block out the outside world – PSB, $299.

psb m4u2 headphones

The book to read because you like business – Zero To One, $16.

zero to one

The book to put on your coffee table because you like #menswear – Rowing Blazers, $48.


The socks that close deals – William Abraham, $68-1,275.

william abraham socks



Note: None of the brands presented in this post provided any form of compensation for being listed.  They are here because they make great products.  As an additional disclosure, Jay Butler is my brand.