Pitti Uomo: March Of The Peacocks

Pitti Uomo: March Of The Peacocks

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Twice a year Pitti Uomo happens in Florence.  It is the largest menswear trade show, perhaps you could call is the show of shows, or something like that.  This season the show garnered particular attention for a few shows that were put on during Pitti (ie Raf Simons) as well.  I suppose it is fitting that it occurs in Italy, the men there have historically shown a great interest in dressing.  And the country has done well at commercializing its style as well as the production of apparel that occurs within its borders.  From a sartorial standpoint, the country’s influence is strong and pervasive, especially over the past few years.

And for good reason, there are a lot of very well dressed men in Italy and the country’s sartorial heritage is on par with England’s.  However, then there are also the men of Pitti Uomo.  Some of which are Italian, and others not.  Some of which dress well, and others not.

Earlier this week a filmographer by the name of Aaron Christian put out a mockumentary on the peacocks of Pitti, which seems to be mostly what we hear about and see coming from the show.  It is aptly titled ‘Life Of Pitti Peacocks’.  By peacocks I refer to that endless stream of street style photos of often contrived dressers that invade Instagram and Tumblr feeds.  I find them to be at times interesting, at times inspiring and often times obnoxious.

I have not been to to Pitti myself so I cannot provide any first person commentary, only judge what I see.  I am curious what you have to say on the subject after watching the video.

The video really is exceptionally entertaining.  Bringing forth thoughts of the best of nature documentaries out there.  I can’t say I disagree with the satirical interpretation Mr. Christian offers.  Much of what is shown in his film is absurd.

There is an oft referenced bit of advice in menswear that one should look at himself in the mirror before leaving his abode and remove one item or accessory; less is more type of thing.  The peacocks of Pitti clearly did not get that message; as it is evident that instead of taking one away, they add anywhere from 3-7 items.  I just don’t get it.  Ostentatious, if you will.  It is costume.  The overdone pocket squares, the cartoonish sunglasses (see top photo), the overly short trousers; I could go on…  But there they are, all the peacocks are all lined up.

Admittedly, I have worn some absurd items in my time.  I won’t deny that.  However, I’ve learned that to wear strong or aggressive pieces well, everything around them has to be toned down and of a more stable nature.  For instance, if wearing an absurdly patterned jacket it is best to wear more conservative or solid color trousers to ground the jacket.  Other items in the ensemble need to anchor the aggressive and bold one.  And therein lies the lesson to be learned from the peacocks.



  1. Interesting point of view. I too prefer going subtle everywhere else if a busy/obnoxious piece is employed. I cant remember how many time I cringed at white socks being pair with trousers and dress shoes. However, when watching Pitti, I cant help but feel happy when diversity and differences are celebrated. And I think fashion/menswear would be incredibly dull and still without the extremes which in this instant, are these peacocks gentlemen. Sure some look good, some try too hard and some are out right disastrous but isn’t that the point?

    One thing I kind of agree with the video is how some of these gents feel the need to seek peer validation from the amount of compliments and pictures taken of them. That in itself instantly make them less stylish somehow in my view.