Things I Wear: Arnys Cravate d’Atelier

Things I Wear: Arnys Cravate d’Atelier


Arnys tie, my tailor suit

Last summer when I was in Paris I made a stop at the legendary Arnys.  Which has since been bought by the LVMH juggernaut in its quest to build out Berluti.  During my visit I fell in love with Arnys Cravate d’Atelier (house tie) and vowed to purchase one.  And as fortune would have it, I was able to acquire one before the sell out.  And for what its worth, I absolutely love the tie.  It is so unique, in both appearance and feel.

Anyway, on this day (the day of Dandy Talk) I wanted to keep everything simple to try to draw attention to the tie.  The ensemble is founded on burgundy double monks from Septieme Largeur.  The temperature was in the low 70’s and the sun was out in full force so warm weather fabrics were necessary.  I opted for a white cotton/linen button down and a solid navy wool/mohair fresco suit, both from MyTailor.  And of course braces, the burgundy grenadine set that I designed (and am selling).  And yes, a white linen pocket square.


  1. How do you feel about not matching shoe leather and the leather of the suspender straps? Obviously rules are meant to be broken, but it still bugged me when I’ve done it.

    • TRMay,
      I almost exclusively buy suspenders with white leather ends, that way they can go with any color shoe (black, brown, burgundy, grey, navy etc). I wouldn’t put black ends with brown shoes or vice versa. But, I could see brown straps going well with navy shoes or black ends with grey shoes, for example. I have a pair of burgundy braces with burgundy ends that I will pair with brown and black shoes that also works, although I would prefer the ends white. Hope this provides some food for thought.

    • Rudy,
      Good observation. The primary reason is that the tie is quite long and I had my pants up high, so in order for the large blade to fall in the proper spot the smaller blade ended up being longer. Usually when this happens (as it is not an incident isolated to this tie) I will tuck the small end into my waistband. Other times, like in the picture I will let the small end hang giving off a more nonchalant look, although such instances are rare. As I am not much a fan of ‘sprezzatura.’