Things I Wear: Cashmere Ties

Things I Wear: Cashmere Ties


pinstipe suit and winter tie

Cashmere is one of God’s gifts to mankind.  This is scientific fact.  On this day I chose to incorporate cashmere via a necktie from Altea.  In fact, I built the entire outfit to work around the tie.  As we know, cashmere is more of a fall and winter textile.  This holds true especially for neckwear.  That said, I thought it appropriate for the fall day.  The tie is set off by a blue herringbone shirt from TM Lewin and a navy pinstripe suit from MySuit, which was reviewed here.  The shoes are the Meermin wholecuts that I also reviewed (and in case you are wondering they are holding up wonderfully).  And the suede helps bolster the fall credentials of the outfit.  And although we cannot see, I was wearing suspenders from Albert Thurston, naturally (although the pants are hanging a little bit low in the photo, admittedly).  Lastly, the pocket square and rosette finish off the whole thing nicely.