The David Fin Tie Review

The David Fin Tie Review

david fin ties label and keeper

A number of months ago I was put in touch with a precocious young man named David Herzka.  David was just in the final stages of launching his new tie brand, David Fin, which launched in late 2014 and I can say makes some very solid ties.  David told me of his affinity for ties but also of the possibility of selling ties to promote other things he likes.  Such as domestic production, luxury fabrics and helping out our veterans; by donating 15% of its profits to Hiring Our Heroes.

david fin ties brown grenadine tie and blue pinstripe suit

Another key to David’s plan is to sell his ties at a reasonable price ($85-105), one below what you would expect for a tie of such quality.  This is largely accomplished by selling their ties directly to customers via their website,  The David Fin tie journey spans from Como, Italy, where the fabric is sourced from, To New York City, where the ties are made.  In the few photos of me wearing the ties, you will see that they tie quite a nice knot.  The ties are of a thicker sort, which is something that I quite like.  The ties are not the light unlined sort you may find some places, nor are they the super heavy ones you will find from others; but a nice middle ground.  The interlining that is used has substance to it but it also has a soft flow to it.  The width is also in the middle ground, at 3.25″; which for most men is an ideal width.  David Fin ties are meant for the business man and the man or a man who prefers his neckwear to be timeless, conservative and practical.  These are not ties for the trend chasers; which is something I am not, here at The Fine Young Gentleman (which I should note is what the commentators of The Masters called Jordan Spieth today!).

david fin navy dot grenadine tie

david fin ties
I was sent three ties to check out.  A navy grenadine with white dots, a brown silk prometeo grenadine (which is a larger sized weave) and a blue silk/wool floral.  Which are three of my favorite ties in the collection.
david fin ties tipping
All of David Fin’s ties are tipped with a camouflage patterned fabric.  Alluding to the brand’s support of veterans.  Some men may dislike this, others will like it.  I sit in the latter camp.  The patterns sits out of sight when the tie is worn so it is not really an issue.  You can also see the clean lines and construction of the ties.  In the picture at the top of this post you can see the keeper knots, which are made of the tie fabric, which is always a good sign.  As an aside, I’ve been to the factory that makes the ties and the factory is quite competent.
david fin tie navy blue grenadine dot
The beautiful weave of the navy dot grenadine up close.
david fin ties brown grenadine
The equally beautiful larger scale grenadine.  Note the difference in size and thus texture of this weave.  It is slightly less formal than the smaller weave grenadines but still a very formal tie.
david fine ties blue silk and wool tie
The silk/wool tie is 45% the former and 55% the latter.  The blend has a very nice feel and look to it.  The wool helps bring a nice matte appearance to the tie whereas the rusty brown flowers add a little more color and interest to the tie.
david fin tie back
Few things to take note of.  First, the small orange knot keeping the blade in shape and together.  Second, the tipping.  Third the slip stitch that is peeking out from under the folds.  You can also see a glimpse of the grey interlining.  The slip stitch is the most important thing to note, it is what keeps the whole tie together.  When stitched and tied well, as this one is, it allows the folds and the tie to move slightly with the moving and tying of the tie whilst still maintaining its shape and structure.

In conclusion, it is hard to knock David Fin’s ties for anything.  Some may want a slightly lighter tie, or more adventurous patterns.  But those things are matters of taste.  On the more concrete side of things on the construction and materials side it is hard to take anything away from David Fin.  But I like the conservative and classic nature of the fabrics in the collection.  The price is also quite reasonable for the quality of the ties; the ties I received are all $85.  I’ve gotten some good use from the ties in the few months that I have had them, I expect this to continue.  For those of you in the market for some solid ties for work or more conservative settings I recommend you check out what David Fin has to offer.  If you have any comment, questions or experience of your own with the brand, feel free to share in the comments.

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Note: the ties featured in this post were provided by David Fin for purposes of review.  As always, the utmost care was taken to maintain and unbiased and objective perspective of the products at hand.


  1. Beautiful ties. Love the timeless appeal of each piece. Very cool that the brand donates to vets as well. I’ll definitely have to check them out.

  2. David Fin makes the best ties period. These ties are just as good a charvet ties that I got from neimans. (Charvet cost 285.00). I was stunned to see how well these ties were made.