In Favor Of The Four In Hand…

In Favor Of The Four In Hand…


It’s really quite simple.  Over, around, under, up and through.  That’s pretty much how you do it.  Tie a four in hand knot that is.  And really, aside from a bow tie knot that is the only tie knot a man need know.  The half Windsor and full Windsor are the inferior brothers of the four in hand.  Some gents prefer the larger and more symmetrical knot they provide.  To that I shrug with indifference.  For there is nothing on a mans body that is symmetrical.  One foot is larger, one shoulder is higher, hair does not sit evenly; you get the point.  The face is not even truly symmetrical.  Given this apparent lack of symmetry, wouldn’t it make sense that the knot also not be symmetrical?  Logic and consistency would say yes.

Enter the venerable four in hand.  Signified by its elegant lack of symmetry and supreme simplicity.  It has never done a man wrong.  Blood on the collar optional.



  1. Yes I totally agree Justin. Ever since I went away to boarding school at age 12 and had to tie my own tie the four in hand has been my knot of choice. Elegant in it’s simplicity and less bulky than the Windsor knots it stands alone. Actually I read somewhere recently that the Duke of Windsor did not actually tie a Windsor knot himself but had his ties made thicker to achieve a thicker knot with a four in hand! Tie your own bow ties should also be deliberately tied in an asymmetric manner so they don’t look like a clip on.

  2. Went to a wedding this weekend and thought I was in bad form tying this simple knot. Tried for a full Windsor, and decided to scrap it and just go with the usual four in hand. No wonder I couldn’t escape the photographer…