Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Man

Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Man


Although I feel that Valentine’s Day is typically a day for a man to dote on his woman there is nothing saying that a woman cannot dote on her man.  And girls, most guys don’t mind getting gifts, in case you were wondering.  Now, there are no shortages of gifts for one’s man, naughty lingerie obviously topping the list.  But, keeping with the focus of FYGblog I shall keep to the subject of men’s, not women’s clothing and offer three solid ideas.

First we have cufflinks from Rotenier ($350).  Unfortunately I have not been able to see these in the flesh but they look to be nothing short of amazing.  Rotenier has over 250 different types of cufflinks so nearly any taste or whim should be able to be satisfied; everything from Disney characters to the classic engraved squares and circles.  If you are looking for a new take on some rather classic knitted ties may I send you the way of Cravatta Pelliano.  The ties are designed in the Netherlands but produced in Italy.  I recently purchased the ‘What the dot?’ tie (as pictured above, $180) and the quality is superb.  However, I should note that the tie is a little narrow for my taste at only 2 1/4″.  My last suggestion for now are socks from New & Lingwood ($40).  In particular the pirate socks in the over the calf version, they really are quite unique while still being tasteful.