Brands To Watch: High Cotton Ties

Brands To Watch: High Cotton Ties


high cotton ties

As I perused the aisles of MRket in January I was first drawn to the High Cotton booth when I saw the madras cummerbunds, which are badass.

madras cummberbund

Then I heard Mrs. Judy Hill’s younger son remark “In the south a man does not need an excuse to wear a bow tie.”   Reason two to like the brand and the people behind it.  Given the topic of a few of the last Rules Of Mens Dress you can imagine I was a fan of what I heard.

And finally, upon talking to High Cotton’s founder, Mrs. Judy Hill.  I found yet another reason to like the brand.  Her eldest son was a medical student and was barred from wearing silk bow ties because they are more prone to carrying bacteria, as they are not cleaned easily (I am an EMT and although we do not wear bow ties I still felt I could relate).  Cotton, however, does not have that problem; so he was not barred from wearing cotton bow ties.  Mrs. Hill, being the great mother she is, made her son a cotton bow tie.  And from that the company has grown to what it is today.  Although Judy does not make the ties anymore they are still made here in the U.S.A. and are of a uniquely American style.

Ginghams, seersuckers and madras are plentiful in the collection.  They also have a pretty novel American flag bow tie (see below) that is their top seller as well as some other items for men and women.  And all ties are self tie, except for the kids bow ties.  Which as an uncle to two rising young gents kids bow ties are pretty cool stuff.  So anyway, if you are looking to up your bow tie game for the coming summer your time would not be wasted browsing High Cotton’s selection.

Shop Liberally,

Justin L Jeffers

high cotton heandbands

monogrammed cummerbunds

cotton bow ties

high cotton logo

high cotton bow ties

high cotton american flag bow tie

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      I think they work best at times of the year or weather where you would wear madras or seersucker anyway. So in the north during the late spring and summer and nearly year round in the south. I also think they should be reserved for less formal black tie affairs, for instance those that have a ‘black tie optional’ dress code.