MRket: TM Stock Ties

MRket: TM Stock Ties


TM Stock ties are the brainchildren of Todd Stock (thus the semi eponymous name for the brand) and one of the most recently founded brands at MRket.  Mr. Stock and I were able to speak for a few minutes which allowed me to get an idea of the brand, for I had never heard of it before.  And information on the brand is slim to none on the web.  So, here’s the good word.  Todd has loved ties since his Bar Mitzvah when he decided he was a fan of the look and feel of wearing one.  After a few years of working for ‘The Man’ Todd decided it was time to start a tie company.  Production occurs in Italy and the ties are made using some serious craftsmanship (see below pics – untipped,  fold etc) and some pretty bad ass silk patterns (see the paisleys) that gravitate toward the aggressive side but not so much that they cannot be worn to the 9-5.

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      • Just emailed TM Stock and got a reply right away from the VP. She told me where the ties will sold in Savannah and I am just waiting for them to arrive.