Things I Wear, XV

Things I Wear, XV


Suit: MyTailor.  Tie: Charvet.  Shirt: Alexander West.  Shoes: Shipton & Heneage.

For some reason the idea of power suiting has caught my attention this week.  Something along the lines of Gordon Gekko, Chuck Bass and that D-list celebrity who’s name I’ve heard but don’t remember; I think he’s married to some other D-list celeb whom I have minimal tolerance for.  The peak lapels of the jacket add a bit of formality and the white cuffs/collar on a blue, pink and white striped shirt really take things up a level.  However, dare I get too formal so I decided to go sockless with the loafers; a bit of a contrast in formality between the feet and the rest of the body.  I suppose representative of the duality of human nature (a theme I always enjoy exploring, especially via Stanley Kubrick’s movies).  The pink of the tie tied in perfectly with the thin pink stripes on the shirt and the lavender design compliments the entire color scheme.  Underneath the jacket are white Albert Thurstons which add a bit of simplicity and boldness to an already bold outfit.  And oh yes, a white linen pocket square.  I realize a bit of an air of douchebaggery comes with an outfit like this but isn’t that kind of the point?  Judge as you see fit.




  1. Nice outfit Justin- the suit fits well and the narrow trouser leg works well. Charvet tie- no more needs to be said ! I am a bit concerned about the shirt though as no cuff is showing from beyond the sleeve of the jacket. Either the jacket sleeves are too long or the shirt sleeves are too short.

    • Geoff,

      True, there is no cuff showing. The reason being is that I had to take the pictures using a timer on the camera and didn’t quite get everything in order in the rushing from behind, to in front of the camera (ie shirt cuffs). Normally, the cuff did show with this shirt and suit combo. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. First of all let me tell you how much I envy you for living in Manhattan. I lived there for 3 months while on a college summer vacation I took part at a work and travel program. And I LOVED IT. While there I saw a lot of people wearing sharp and not so sharp suits with loafers. Is that acceptable in a business environment in the US? Now, regarding the outfit, I think it is spot on except for the collar of the shirt which I like with a little more spread(I hope that’s what it is called in english) when wearing a tie.

    • Eduardo,

      Thank you for the kind words. NYC is great, it is a playground. In the US loafers with a suit is commonplace and widely accepted, however, for the most formal business affairs I would still wear lace ups. However, over in Europe, from what I know, wearing loafers with a suit is frowned upon.


  3. I’m so happy I found your page.
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  4. Didn’t you say you couldn’t wear brown shoes with black pants? Just wondering since I’m starting to read about style..

    • Felix,
      I definitely would not wear brown shoes with black pants. I have sometimes seen black pants and tan shoes pulled off to decent success, however. But I think black and burgundy shoes look best with black pants.