Matthew Aperry Custom Coat Review

Matthew Aperry Custom Coat Review

matthew aperry custom jacket review

I was again asked by Louis at Matthew Aperry to do a review of their garments.  If you will remember, the first time I wrote about a linen suit, which I concluded that although not great; was a good value for the money.  As a refresher on the brand, Matthew Aperry is a smaller and newer brand out of Hong Kong that strives to deliver custom suits at a very low price; the lowest I have reviewed to date at $199-299. Their website could use a good overhaul, so try not to judge them too hard on that.

This time round Matthew Aperry asked that I review one of their coats.  Something I eagerly obliged, due largely in part to the fact that it would be the first piece of custom outerwear I would publish a review on (there is potentially another one on a Knot Standard coat coming).  Although I liked some of the fabrics that they had available I was curious to see if they had any that were not featured on the site.  Much to my delight they did, including this very red burgundy cashmere fabric.  So if you are interested in using Matthew Aperry for a suit or jacket, you may want to ask what ‘off menu’ fabrics and items they have.  This is a huge plus in my book.

matthew aperry custom jacket review

For the styling of the jacket I wanted to keep things very simple.  I also wanted to keep the jacket on the slimmer side.  I do not intend to wear it over a suit jacket or sports coat so I did not need to allow for extra room.  In effect, I wanted to keep this jacket as a more casual piece of outerwear; able to cover a business casual look (like pictured above) to a more casual look with chinos and loafers.  So far the jacket has fit the bill well.  Unfortunately, the season is all but over to wear such a jacket, but I am confident it will get some solid wear over the next few winter seasons.  So, let’s take a closer look at the coat.

matthew aperry custom overcoat review
We used the measurements from my suit (with a few minor alterations) for the coat.  The coat, as you see it is unaltered.  I am happy enough with the fit to keep it as is, I am actually quite happy with how it looks.  The only thing I may do is take a little out of the right body to accommodate for my lower right shoulder – you will see the rippling in the right side as a result.  But I would not expect Matthew Aperry (or any other sub $1,000 suit maker to accommodate for this).  The shoulders have a nice look to them and have a thin layer of padding.
matthew aperry custom overcoat review
The sleeves his at a nice point on the wrist.  You want your coat sleeves a little longer than shirt and jacket sleeves.
matthew aperry custom overcoat review
The coat looks nice from the rear.  Although the vent does not sit completely closed, it is not spread enough to bother me considering most of the time I will be walking which will cause the vent to open.
Ideally, this should be a functioning boutonniere.  I am not sure why it is not, it just looks like an afterthought, poorly executed at that.
matthew aperry custom cashmere coat
The three buttons on the front of the jacket however are nicely made.  They are clean and even.  It is up in detail like this that you can get a good look at the fabric, which I am told is 100% cashmere.  Cashmere or not it does not have a great feel to it – more like a rough wool.  I suspect that using less expensive fabrics is where Matthew Aperry cuts its costs on its coats.
matthew aperry custom cashmere coat
I was very happy when I opened the box and saw that the buttons were a color to match the fabric.  The buttons would do well without the crackling lines in them, but I’ve gotten over that.  I am often not a fan of contrasting or off color buttons.  With the fabric I think the jacket looks best with buttons the same color as the fabric.
matthew aperry custom cashmere coat review
The stitching on the inside of the jacket was pretty clean all around.  See more below.
matthew aperry custom cashmere coat
All mine.
matthew aperry custom jacket review
Coat: Matthew Aperry. Shoes: J. Fitzpatrick. Shirt: Buttons ‘n’ Threads. Pants: Indochino.

In summary, I am happy with the coat from Matthew Aperry.  It does have its flaws, primarily that the fabric being less than luxurious.  The construction is decent, but it is not as clean or solid feeling as Black Lapel or MyTailor; but then again, their garments cost more than Matthew Aperry’s.  It is crucial to realize what is reasonable to expect for what your are paying and in this case I think $279 is a fair price for what you are getting.  Which is a coat that you can heavily customize both the details of and the fabric of.  And in my case, a coat that looks very nice when worn.  If you have any questions, comments or thoughts of your own; please feel free to sound off in the comments.



Note: FYGblog did receive the coat being reviewed for the purpose of review.  As always, the utmost effort was taken to maintain an unbiased and fair stance on the product and brand at hand.


  1. Which J Fitzpatrick shoes are those? The burgundy Magnolia? They look a lot lighter on the Fitzpatrick website, but they look really good in these pictures.

  2. Tyler: My guess is either wallingford (they appear a bit too light though, wallingford is supposed to be in merlot) or the wedgwood boots ( my money is on this model). They do look lovely, I would love to buy a pair but sadly my budget doesn’t allow it at the moment.

  3. I agree, those shoes steal the shoe but it is also a very nice jacket and budget friendly. How do you think it would handle a true northeast US winter as I may begin to travel a bit up that way for work and would love a jacket that could go business or casual and be warm.

    • Jeff,
      The coat is more of a topcoat weight, so it is on the lighter side. I don’t plan to wear it in the coldest parts of the winter like when it’s well below freezing, but other than that it holds it own.

  4. Justin,

    Somehow stumbled across this blog. Thank you!

    I have to ask, from your opinion on the suit build from MAP, would you recommend? I mean fully canvassed and hand stitch work for $200 – sub-$400 is insane in my opinion. But fully canvassed poorly executed could be worse the a fused canvassed. I was curious on your opinion since you know a thing or two about what you are talking about.

    Cheers from sunny Miami!

    • Will,
      Most welcome, hope it is able to help you out and you enjoy it. It is hard to say how well the MAP suit will hold up, as I have only had it for one season. However, I will say I think it will hold up pretty well but that it doesnt look quite as clean as some of the $500 mtm suits.

  5. Hello my friend,

    The overcoat really fits well. I appreciate your reviews of MatthewAperry’s site. I am interested in ordering from them for my wedding. I am impressed with their prices. Would you advise this? If not, what custom sites would you suggest?

    This will be my first time ordering a custom suit. Do you have any advice that my guide me in this endeavor?

    Kind Regards,


    • Richard,
      Since it is your first time ordering a custom suit, I would give yourself at least 3 months to allow for remakes and alterations. If MA is within you budget you should be well off, but if you can spring for more you should look into some of the slightly more expensive options. Biggest thing is to get something that you wont mind seeing yourself in photos in 20 years from now.