Made To Measure Suiting: MySuit Review, III

Made To Measure Suiting: MySuit Review, III


The time has come to conclude on my My.Suit experience.  If you are unfamiliar with the series so far this is the third post, it will focus primarily on the construction and details of the suit.  The first focused on the fitting and first fit.  The second focused on the final fit of the suit, which I am pretty happy with.  Generally speaking, the construction of the suit is mediocre.  But for the price point of $495 I think it is a good value.

Let’s start with the basics.  Production is in Mexico.  I believe all of My.Suit’s jackets are half canvassed, which is better then fully fused but not quite the ideal of a fully canvased jacket.  That said, I am worried about the longevity of the jacket, as any bit of fusing has been known to cause issue with both durability and fit.  The stitching on the jacket is a mix of machine and hand work, but generally speaking it is done pretty well.  The fabric is of acceptable quality.  It is smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear, it is a little on the lighter side, which will be advantageous in the warmer months.  For a proper discourse of the stitching and other details of the jacket and pants please refer to the pictures below.

Hand stitching around the sleeve head, this helps provide a little bit of give and stretch, which is good for movement. Also note the sweat guard, any decent jacket should have these.
Close up of the sleevehead stitching. It is done manually, however, it is also uneven and disheveled looking. I believe this could have been done better.
The stitching around the lining looks to be done by machine. But what is important is that it looks clean and holds the lining in place, which in this case the stitching does.
Further detail on the lining stitching. Take note of the monogramming and how uneven the stitching used to secure it is, it just looks sloppy.  It is a clear indicator of where corners were cut in order to save time and production costs.
On the bottom of the jacket the lining has been sewn in by machine. Now, there are machines that just stitch the lining to the jacket and create a seam, in essence. However, this type of stitching is far better, as it allows air to circulate and the liner to drape and move in a more fluid manner. In more expensive jackets this will be done by hand. To my knowledge, there is little functional difference, it is more of an artisan detail.
The lapels are of a healthy width, 3.5″. One thing I really liked about My.Suit was that I could choose the width of the lapels and the height of the buttoning point of the jacket. However, I think the striping could have been matched better between the lapel and collar, but at least it is symmetrical.  The peaks also extend past the collar the same amount, even the slightest difference can upset the balance of the jacket.  I also note that the lapel button hole is a working one, I would prefer it be a straight slit instead of the keyhole shape, as that is a cleaner aesthetic.
The matching of the pocket flap to the jacket is well done, as they lined up the stripes on the pocket with those on the front most bottom part of the jacket.
The buttons are okay, but I think I will switch them out for something with a more rounded edge.  The button holes are machine made and clean.  Although handmade ones are the best, that is a detail that no one should expect on a $495 suit.  That said, My.Suit
Perhaps my biggest complaint is the slide closure. They did not have an option for an extended tab slide closure, only and extended button or this. As you can see, the fabric stretches and lifts up a little from the waistband. As a result, it doesn
The side button tabs fulfill their purpose, that of tightening the waistband when needed.  However, sliding tabs are preferable in my opinion, as they are cleaner and more elegant.  The other issue here is that the striping is not matched between the waistband and the button tab.  This can be fixed by moving the button hole up, however, this should not be an issue in the first place.

All of this taken into account I would say that for the price of $495 the value is sound, I would go further and say that in the future I would purchase further products from My.Suit and that I would continue to work with the salesman that I used, Marcus Coy, from the Madison Ave location.  As always, if you have any questions of comments, sound off below.



Note: FYGblog received in no way any material compensation from My.Suit or parties associated with My.Suit.  For further thoughts on the matter please refer to ‘The Line Is Being Blurred.’


  1. Looking into MTM in NYC. 12″ drop so by the time any OTR gets tailored I’m into it over $1k anyways. Any experience, or do you know of anyone with experience, with Enzo Custom? Seems to be similar in process to Mysuit and other MTM of the like, but I have yet to find any thorough reviews other than yelp. Appreciate your input on this and thanks for the thorough reviews of these other MTM establishments.

    • Neil,
      Unfortunately, I have no experience with Enzo, nor have I heard anything on it. If you have not check Ask Andy About Clothes and, you may want to check there, often they have better intel then Yelp. But if Yelp is all there is I apologize for not being able to provide any useful insight. But do let me know if you have any questions on any of the MTM shops mentioned on the blog.

  2. I ordered a jacket from Enzo’s. Should arrive next week hopefully. The process was easy and the ‘tailor’ very helpful. From what I could gather, Enzo’s shtick is that they’re the mtm retail arm of the largest fabric mill/wholesale suit maker in China. This, of course, means they have a huge selection of fabrics. It also means they offer incredibly good bulk deals (if you’re ever in the mood to pick up 6 blazers at once). My only other mtm experience was with A Suit That Fits, based in the UK. Enzo’s tailor seemed a lot more knowledgeable, and concerned that I got exactly what I wanted too, so I’m hoping this jacket will not have been money wasted. Btw, I plan on spending my tax return on a couple of new suits. I was wondering which mtm company you’ve found the best overall? From what I can gather, the consensus seems to be that mysuit is the best overall, and that indochino is probably the best value for money. I still hear wildly mixed things about Alton Lane, so not sure what to make of those guys.

    • Ed,
      Thanks for the heads up on Enzo. I am actually meeting with the founder of A Suit That Fits in the morning, as they have just opened shop in NYC; so expect a review on ASTF in the next few months.
      If you are open to spending $700+ per suit I highly recommend MyTailor. Definitely the best value for your dollar. I just today received a blue flannel windowpane double breasted suit from them and it is awesome. If you want to stay more around the $500 mark then it depends on what type of suit you want. MySuit is good but you have to keep in mind their shoulders are a little more built up and a little more formal. Whereas Indochino and Black Lapels are more relaxed. Steer clear of Alton Lane, from what I have seen of them, I’d rather buy something off the rack. If you have any questions on the topic please feel free to send me an email at

  3. Hi, im looking for a suit in the $400-$600 price range. I want to get a very slim suit and no break on my pants. The slimmer, the better for me. Which brand would you say is the best bet for me to try. Ive never bought a online MTM suit. Indochino and mysuit seem like good ideas but im worried about how boxy they will be. Please tell me your suggestions as i would love to hear them.

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Justin…

    I just had a suit made by MySuit…I tried to look at all choices before deciding who to use and I came to using them for a few reasons…
    1. They had a retail outlet in which I could see some finished products (albeit there were all pretty dynamic) and get a feel for the fabrics…
    2. Their website allowed me, a novice when it comes to MTM suits, to experiment with different styles and colours before my fitting…
    3. Their customizing selections were just enough to get what I wanted and not too many to overwhelm me – some places almost have too many fabric or style choices…

    All in all, I’m happy with the final product…I had them make a two button, single breasted, grey suit in a super 150 fabric…

    The gentlemen at the shop assisted me in making the selections and gave me direction when I needed it…I am new to custom suits and didn’t really know what type of pocket goes with what kind of jacket…However I can see how finding the right salesman is key in this process…

    Anyway, I’d like to thank you for your guidance and expertise, as your website is a wealth of knowledge and experience…

  5. Consumers should be aware that this company will charge you for any garment you order even if it screws up the construction of the garment.

    They protect themselves by getting you to sign an order that says MySuit does not accept return or provide refunds. This happened to me on two suits and I’m $1100 worse off for the experience.

    MySuit gives the impression that they will make a suit to fit you personally. But this doesn’t mean that they take the number of measurements necessary to ensure the correct fit in all cases.

    They use standardized models of suit sizes and find the one that most closely resembles your body. They then measure arm length, pant leg length, chest, waist and a couple of other measurements. Importantly, they pay no attention to the most critical part of the suit — how the sleeve needs to fit into the shoulder hole to match how your arm hangs relative to your posture. In my case (and I have pretty normal posture), this omission caused really bad crumpling of material on the shoulder — rendering my jackets completely unacceptable and a worse fit than “ready to wear” suits bought off the peg.

    Admittedly, they do take a lot of trouble to customize minor details — like the color of the jacket lining, the color of the stitches around button holes, the type of lapel, the number and configuration of buttons, the number of vents and pockets, and so on. But what’s the benefit of all of this “embroidery” if the actual suit looks awful when made.

    What’s worse is that MySuit made little effort to correct the problem. They acknowledged orally that the sleeve was incorrectly sewn into the arm hole and needed to be rotated a 1/4″. But they said that this was too expensive to do. They actually said they would have the tailor try to fix it but, two weeks later, the problem was identical. They hadn’t fixed it. Oh, and there’s no tailor on the premises!!

    So, whereas their formula may work for some of their clients and those clients may be very happy, it doesn’t work for many of us — causing major disappointment and considerable financial loss.