On Suspenders…

On Suspenders…


Suspenders: Albert Thurston & Paul Stuart by Albert Thurston.

I am a big fan of suspenders (referred to as braces in the UK).  Not only for their functional value, but also for platform they provide for a man to express his style.  However, suspenders are not so common these days and wearing them comes at a risk, especially for us younger guys.  For the perception of a young man wearing them is not always positive.  But, as an argument in favor I offer the following  words from a great book by Nicholas Antongiavanni called The Suit,

“There has never been, then,  a well-dressed man who has not worn suspenders; on the contrary, he has always worn them.”


  1. Hi,

    I would like to make a present for my boyfriend and buy him first,classic suspenders.Im thinking about Albert Thurstone, but im not sure which model should I choose…Wine Boxcloth Brace or something from barathea? Which one is better for young man recently working in a bank?:)

    • Kasia,
      Thurston is a great choice. It’s really a seasonal thing. Boxcloth is better for fall and winter, as the more matte tone goes better with the typical fall/winter fabrics (flannel, moleskin etc) and barathea is better for spring and summer, although it can still be worn in fall and winter. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  3. I recently had a problem with my Albert Thurston sock suspenders in this very hot weather. Where the plastic ‘button’ bit rested on my skin I got a bit of a sore/blister. I have rectified this by drilling a matrix 4 x 5 of pinprick holes in it to create breathability and putting a layer of self adhesive moleskin felt (sold for feet) in between the plastic and my skin which has solved the problem.