Off To Las Vegas…

Off To Las Vegas…


Dear Las Vegas,

We had a brief encounter a few years back; short and moderately sweet.  I was in no rush to end up back in your bosom.  But, as fate would have it we are once again on a collision course.  This time I have brought reinforcements and accomplices.  Although my judgement is oft flawless, their’s is not always so.  So, given that poor choices will be inevitable, and likely in abundance; let’s be nice, shall we?  Especially to the groom to be (which, for the record, is not me).  Anyway, let’s have some fun…


Justin L Jeffers


P.S.  Do try to not take all of my money, I have an extensive list of suits, shoes, ties and other menswear niceties that need purchasing.

P.P.S.  If you think I’m going to Vegas and will not be blogging about it, you’re wrong; oh so very wrong.