A Case For Online Shopping

A Case For Online Shopping


Just last week I professed my love for Uniqlo’s down vests (I also really like some of their sweaters).  However, this week, I must tell of a far different tale.  Not about their product, but about the conduct of two of their employees.

Yesterday I ventured to the SoHo Uniqlo, my plan was to load up on some of their cotton/cashmere sweaters and perhaps some other goods if I felt the need.  So I took some sweaters and pants back to the dressing rooms and was going about my business and all was well.  Well, that is until I heard the two dressing room attendants talking about their periods.  I was less than enthused.  They began talking about their “bloodflows” and whether it was better to wear their “boyshorts” during that time of the month (if those words make you gentlemen cringe as I did then good, that is the point).  I had had enough.  I clothed myself and gave them back the clothes I had tried on.  I sought out a manager and told her my story.  She seemed equally appalled and embarrassed.  And she was extremely courteous throughout the conversation, so I was very pleased with how she handled it.

I walked out of the store at peace with the whole thing.  But as the day progressed the whole experience started to leave a terrible stain on what was previously a spotless customer service record.  I had not planned to write about the whole experience but have since felt compelled to do so, obviously.  On the plus side, the two girls were very kind and very respectful, as was the manager.  I know that the girls were not intentionally trying to ruin my experience at the store yesterday.  And I am glad that they, as co-workers, are comfortable with talking about such matters with each other.  I think it shows some level of trust and comfortability with each other that can be crucial in building a good team.  But the simple fact remains; they should not have been talking about their periods on the job in an area that is frequented by customers.  I need not go into the reasons, as they should be obvious.  But the result was me walking out of the store empty handed; which as good for my wallet as that is, it is not as good for my style.  And certainly not as good for Uniqlo’s bottom line.  Will this prevent me from shopping at Uniqlo in the future?  No.  But there will always be that one time I overheard two girls talking…  Perhaps just another reason to shop online.


Justin L Jeffers


  1. Justin,

    I have to take issue with your taking issue. I don’t disagree that the saleswomen were unprofessional, but I think in this case, a gentleman, and I believe you are a gentleman, grimaces and ignores them.

    • The Man,
      Thank you for the kind words. And understandable taking issue with me taking issue. At first I was going to ignore it and just walk out of the store. However, I thought the larger issue or customer service and appropriate conduct of employees was at hand and needed to be addressed. And I am also too blunt to normally ignore stuff like that.