Shirts For Soldiers

Shirts For Soldiers


Dear Readers,

A few days ago A Suitable Wardrobe did a piece on Emma Willis and her shirts, which to my understanding are nothing short of fabulous.  I hope to one day be fitted for them.  But what I want to dwell on is more important than just shirts, it is service for one’s country.  Service by those who made sacrifices that most of us will never make and will likely never be asked to make.  It is not often that I get to combine two of my loves, menswear and philanthropy.  But when I do, it is a great feeling.  How and why?  You may ask.

Ms. Willis has made a mission of providing bespoke shirts to the men of the Headley Court rehabilitation facility in England, which helps treat injured British servicemen.  The cause is nothing short of noble.  The program is simply called ‘Shirts For Soldiers‘ and it is now under the guidance of a larger charitable organization called The British Forces Foundation.  I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read about the organizations (you can also read more here), as their words do the cause far more justice than mine are capable of.  Until recently a majority of the cost of the program has been shouldered by Ms. Willis and some of her customers.  However, a site has been set up that allows anyone to donate to the cause.  A few moments ago I donated 50gbp ($80) to the organization.  I challenge you to join me in supporting this cause by donating; any amount will make a difference.  To donate please follow this link.  I hope that some of you will join me in supporting this great cause.