FYGblog Via Business Insider and Corporette

FYGblog Via Business Insider and Corporette


As regular readers will know, I sometimes will write over at Business Insider.  Last week I wrote a piece for them on shoe brands under $350.  Some of the brands you will recognize from the pages here (Septieme Largeur, Meermin, Jack Erwin, Paul Evans), and others you may have never heard of.  But hopefully I will be able to review some of those brands in the near future.  Funny enough, the piece is somewhat of a rebuttal to a previous article on buying men’s shoes by another BI staffer that I did not approve of.  Who would’ve thought, me objecting to something and then writing about it…

New to my outside of FYG writings I also wrote a post for Corporette, which is a women’s style blog that focuses on building a professional wardrobe for women.  I wrote on shoe care for women there.  Understandably, many of you will not care to read it, but perhaps the women in your life will.



  1. I moved to the US about 12 years ago from the UK. I grew up and continue to follow the more traditional British rules of formal dress. That does not mean that one countries rules are better than another, but a sure fire way to lose credibility with anyone outside of the US is to make a statement like

    “My biggest advice would be if you’re going to spend money on a nice pair of shoes, make sure they are brown,” says Chao. “Brown shoes match almost every color suit (except for black) and look great with jeans. The only times I have ever worn black shoes, have been with a tuxedo.”

    Outside of the US it is very poor form to wear brown shoes with a suit.

    Linette Lopez is definitely not a writer i will be getting style advise from