New Rule: Rules 50 & 51

New Rule: Rules 50 & 51

dont wear sunglasses in conversation

It has been while since I have made any additions to the ‘Rules of Men’s Dress’ list, although truth be told, there are many to add.  But this summer and all of the sun and sunglasses that come with it has had me thinking a lot about a few things.  Namely, sunglasses etiquette.  And thus, we have two new rules to add to the list.

50.  Thou shall take off his sunglasses when talking to someone else who is not wearing sunglasses.  Unless thou is at the beach or pool.

51.  Thou shall take off his sunglasses when inside.  Even if thou art Bono.

You may read the other 49 rules here.



  1. What if one is out an outdoor mall (common in so cal) and one’s sunglasses are prescription? I think there is no necessity if you’re casually wandering in and out of stores, and continually changing glasses seems silly.