New Rule: Rule 43

New Rule: Rule 43


43.  It is impossible for a man to be considered well dressed if his shoes are in poor taste or of noticeably poor quality.  For any good ensemble is built on a fine pair of shoes.


  1. Exactly, there is a certain department store CEO here in Australia who immediately lacked credibility from the day I saw a photograph that showed his shoes. Not surprisingly I have never purchased a pair of shoes from his stores. However he did gain a small amount of credibility recently by stocking TM LEWIN at the same price as online.

  2. As a follow up to my previous post I noticed today the shoes on one of our Green politicians who has recently announced his retirement. His shoes were abysmal – chunky rubber soles, unpolishable cheap black leather, some bizarre cross between business shoe, trainer or hikiing shoe. Totally lacking in credability – just like his politics and his shiny suit.

    • Geoff,

      The way many American politicians dress is not much better than the sound of your Green party individual. Which is unfortunate, as you would hope they would want to set a good example. Luckily, our current and recent Presidents have all donned a suit quite well. Ex-Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, was and still is quite well dressed as well. So I suppose all hope is not lost…