Parisian Suede

Parisian Suede


Shoes: Septieme Largeur

There were a few glaring differences between American and Parisian style that will be commented on.  The first of which is the Parisian gentlemans use of suede in the summer.  In America suede is used in the summer in either white or a light brown color (ie white or dirty bucks, but they can also be of nubuck).  Dark brown is reserved for the fall and winter time.  Navy is exceedingly rare and only used in casual settings (although I do break this rule often).  And black suede is basically non existent at any time of the year.  The Parisians however, have a slightly different take on things.  Black, navy blue, light brown and dark brown suedes are all common place during the summer months and if I had to guess this is also the case in the fall and winter months.

If you have read the Rules of Men’s Dress section of this blog you will know how much of a fan of suede I am.  That said, I am not quite sure how I feel about this proliferation of suede in the summer, as it does break with the rules of dress I have thus far followed.  I realize that when I first caught onto the Frenchman’s love of suede I was against the dark brown, navy and black, however, as time went on I became more accepting of the dark brown suede, but not the black and navy suede (however, navy for casual wear is definitely badass).  But I will give the french way of things a try and wear dark brown suede in the summer, then I will decide how I really feel about it.


  1. Even as a longtime Parisian, I still find black suede to be quite disturbing in Summer. Those who break this code in Paris do it because of a certain lack of knowledge of the basics ..